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the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet

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The Newmans credit those moments to Kappa, who helped plan sightseeing trips around Chicago and the suburbs and asked the family if they wanted to spend the holidays together.
Phi Kappa Phi held its fourth Book Drive Competition.
With the Kappa 180 and Kappa 320, Durst offers two high-performance industrial printers for digital textile production.
Molecular characterization and expression analysis of an inhibitor of NF-kappa B (I kappa B) from Asiatic hard clam Meretrix meretrix.
The issue remains which alternative measure to use when confronted with a kappa paradox.
One of the UK's leading dairy providers, Shropshire-based, Muller awarded Smurfit Kappa as their 'International Preferred Supplier' for its industry leading combination of quality products with a high service level.
He said: "Smurfit Kappa has been an excellent partner but we already have some interest from other parties and will begin the process of recruiting a new sponsor for what is one of the iconic races once the dust has settled on the 2010 festival.
Bruhood is something like a real family--being part of the organization is a lifelong bond," says Fulton, the group's presiding supreme president, who explains that one of the main reasons people join Alpha Psi Kappa is because their families don't support them.
The Kappa GigE cameras are available with extended range and various sensors; in color, monochrome or cooled versions, with megapixel resolution, frame rates of up to 30/90 Fps and "short trigger delay.
a ''gyudon'' beef-on-rice bowl restaurant chain operator, will form a capital and operation alliance with sushi restaurant chain Kappa Create Co.
Alonzetta Landrum-Sims Alpha Kappa Alpha Montgomery, Ala.
LANCASTER -- Chi Kappa Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is making plans for its 2007 Debutante Cotillion.
Emulium Kappa consists of three elements which work together to guarantee texture, emulsification and stability.
APPLICATION: A recovery boiler-limited mill seeking higher fiberline production can use this work to justify running a higher digester kappa, even at a high final brightness target.
Fleiss' popular multirater kappa is known to be influenced by prevalence and bias, which can lead to the paradox of high agreement but low kappa.