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example, Khan suggests that spirantized kaph in Tiberian Hebrew
Macintosh reads the as a marker of ownership that qualifies the as a kaph veritatas (citing GKC 118x).
Contract notice: Supply food for kaph, social grocery, social galley and entity ~nurseries municipality of agia paraskevi "for the year 2014
Following the "Sources" is the list of words beginning with yodh, kaph, and lamedh in the order of their frequency.
This contract includes the supply of various foods, which will meet the needs of children and nurseries of KAPH and beneficiaries milk municipal employees Petersburg.
while vowels associated with final kaph are misplaced: ?
American Mission Hospital, Ahmed Zayani Motors, Ambassador Stores, MISFU Co WLL, AVIS, Nonoo Exchange, Al Ghalia, Berlitz, Solidarity, Lulu Hypermarket, Caltex Chevron, Bapco, the State Bank of India, Al Tawfeeq Maintenance Services, Almoayyed Contracting, Budget Rent-a-car, Adel Fakhro and Sons, Abdulla Yousef Fakhro and Sons, MRS Fashion, Ashrafs, Arash Saidi, Kaphs SA, Capital Growth Management and a private donor are among the silver sponsors, having donated BD500 each.