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(Swahili) a long garment (usually white) with long sleeves

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Wearing short pants, (9) T-shirts with the image of Bob Marley, and tricoloured Rastafarian bracelets and necklaces, the young men sporting dreadlocks contrasted sharply with other men on the seafront--both with elders who habitually wore the Islamic kanzu and with young men such as Hasan who generally wore long pants or a kikoi and a kofia.
Dhows sailing across the ocean, women donning black veils, men wearing white kanzus, and the muadhin calling believers to prayer from one of Lamu's forty-two mosques--it all plays to the tourist's imagination of the exotic and the oriental (Hillewaert forthcoming).
Photographs of the chief minister from the 1900s show him wearing a dark silk robe or joho over a white kanzu or full-length robe.
In attempting to understand Apolo, the fact that he wore the kanzu should not be forgotten.
The kanzu was probably introduced through trade with Arabs on the East Coast.
The performers then appear, all of them wearing Islamic-Swahili kanzu tunics and Islamic head-coverings (kofia, turban, or skull cap).
Women wear Hijab, head scarves, and men wear long gowns known as kanzu.
For its traditional pieces, Twekembe women changed into the colourful sari-derived dresses known as busuti; the men into the white Arabian robes called kanzu.