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a native village in Malaysia


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kampongs on the Oya and Mukah rivers and the coastal territory in between.
I began the photo elicitation process in two adjoining kampongs on the upper Tellian River; Kg Tellian Ulu and Kg Tellian Tengah.
6) Commenting on life in the Melanau kampongs in the early 1950s, Morris observed: "The telling of dreams .
During the course of my research, people in the Melanau kampongs often showed me old photographs--either of earlier generations of their family or chronicling historical events in the local district.
It is apparent that on this same fieldtrip an effort was made to systematically photograph the Melanau kampongs as a documentary record of Melanau life and culture of the period?
Kalong ak OK Jemat was born in 1910 at Kampong Sungai Lundu.
As kampongs gave way to heartlands, POSB evolved as well, improving its products and services to meet the changing needs and lifestyle of customers.