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small deciduous Asiatic tree bearing large red or orange edible astringent fruit

blackish stilt of New Zealand sometimes considered a color phase of the white-headed stilt

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Kaki, Si Djillali et les autres Ould Abderrahmane Abdelkader dit Kaki (1934-1995) est considere comme le pere spirituel du theatre a Mostaganem.
Both kaki and American persimmons grow slowly, reaching their full size of 60 to 100 feet after a century of growth.
kaki e entomofila, quando ha a presenca de plantas polinizadoras no pomar e e realizada principalmente por abelhas da especie Apis melifera (MARTINS; PEREIRA, 1989; AGUSTI, 2010).
Dans une declaration a (SUNA) Le major-general Kaki a declare que le Wali du Sud-Kordofan Ahmed Haroun va s'exprimer devant l'atelier, qui discutera de quatre papiers dont le premier porte sur l'apercu sur la commission et ses lois en fonction des taches et des fonctions et pouvoirs ,le deuxieme s traite de droits de l'homme depuis les temps anciens jusqu'a la phase des conventions internationales , le troisieme papier traite de droits , des zones de conflit et le quatrieme document sur le role de la commission et les defenseurs des droits de l'homme.
1 on the Richter scale jolted the town of Kaki in Bushehr province last Tuesday, killing at least 39 people and injuring more than 850 others.
It was followed by many aftershocks that jolted Kaki and the nearby city of Khour-Mowj.
The quake was followed by at least four aftershocks, which jolted Kaki and the nearby city of Khour-Mowj.
1 magnitude whose epicentre was Kaki, 60 miles (90 km) south of Bushehr and which was felt in Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain.
Homes in the towns of Shonbeh and Kaki were devastated, with residents fleeing buildings fearing aftershocks.
Accor has signed a management contract with owner Sons of Ahmed Saleh Kaki to develop the first Novotel hotel in Jeddah.
Three policemen were among those killed in the attack on the Kaki police station on the outskirts of the city, the district police chief told Pajhwok Afghan News.
10 ( ANI ): The Pakistani Taliban has accepted responsibility for the recent attack on Kaki police station near Bannu, which killed eight people and injured six others.
Which is why when I found myself riveted by Kaki King's latest album Glow--which boasts nary a syllable--I was blown away and with good reason: it's brilliant.
Petroleum Engineering & Development Company (Pedec) says an $800 million contract has been awarded to what it described as the partnership of Kish International Neft and Gazprom Pars for the Kuh-e Mond, Bushgan and Kuh-e Kaki fields.
Abubaker Kaki at the 2011 IAAF world track and field championships (AFP / Getty)