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a white mineral consisting of magnesium sulphate and potassium chloride

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The overall production strategy is to initially produce standard MOP from Sylvite mineralisation and to progressively transition the project to include the production of Granular MOP, standard and granular SOP and K-Mg sulphates from Carnallite, Kainite and Kieserite mineralisation.
The minister said that Swat is rich in china clay, marble, emerald, limestone, granite, feldspar, mica, quartz, barite, pyroxenes, garnets, magnetite, tourmalines, vermiculite and kainite and all these substances posses huge industrial potential and are heavily used in production of various high end products.
said, "Tezampanel and its oral prodrug NGX426 are the first glutamate receptor antagonists to be tested in human pain trials with combined binding activity at the AMPA and kainite receptor subtypes.
Gaiarsa JL, Zagrean L and Ben-Ari Y (1994) Neonatal irradiation prevents the formation of hippocampal mossy fibers and the epileptic action of kainite on rat CA3 pyramidal neurons.