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a white mineral consisting of magnesium sulphate and potassium chloride

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By 1880 Maxwell's chemical works ensured that regular, albeit modest, shipments of ammonium sulphate, potash and kainite (hydrated magnesium and potassium chlorides) were discharged at Silloth in order to provide feedstock for sulphuric acid and a range of chemical fertilisers.
Sylvite, kainite and other, potash salts account for more than 40 m of the series, with proved mining resources (Musley orebody) in the range of 25-30 Mt of sylvite.
It is also a type of ligand-gated ion channel activated by binding glutamate (23) and includes 3 types: NMDA receptor, AMPA receptor, and kainite (KA) receptor.
8 million mt/y of kainite ore grading about 20% SOP.
Once it was understood that sulphur mining no longer had any chance of recovery, intensive prospecting for potassium minerals began, stimulated by the discovery of a deposit of kainite at S.
Formations of potassium salts comprising alternate beds of kainite (KCl.
The kainite mineral resource estimates used for the SOP PEA included in-situ measured resources of 552.
The potential for SOP operations, coupled with the feasibility study previously completed on MOP operations, demonstrates the uniqueness of Allana's project, which through its sylvinite and kainite resources has the potential to produce MOP and SOP with industry-leading capital-expenditure and operating-cost profiles.
The Kainitite mineral resources on Allana's Danakhil Project are extensive (see table below) and dominated by the mineral kainite (4KMg(SO4)Cl*11H2O).
Gaiarsa JL, Zagrean L and Ben-Ari Y (1994) Neonatal irradiation prevents the formation of hippocampal mossy fibers and the epileptic action of kainite on rat CA3 pyramidal neurons.
The kainite resources occur in a kainite horizon that is interpreted as a primary evaporite unit in the basin and has been intersected in diamond drilling in most of the mining license area.