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a hardy cabbage with coarse curly leaves that do not form a head

coarse curly-leafed cabbage

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I wanted to keep our co-parenting relationship intact," Kail told the magazine.
To evaluate the genetic diversity in Kail sheep, we investigated the partial mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region and entire Cytochrome b (Cyto b) gene sequences.
Kail opened the door to the possibility of changes for Broadway, and there will be at least one cast change when Brian d'Arcy James, who plays a foppish and peevish King George, jumps to another musical by next month.
When I ask what it means to be a Westerner, Kail, a fifth-generation rancher and former pro bronc rider, says, "You're required to wear a gazillion hats now.
E importante ressaltar que este e o primeiro estudo realizado com falantes do portugues brasileiro com o objetivo de investigar as hipoteses de Kail e Hall (1994) e Bowers (2001), sendo importante destacar, tambem, a carencia de pesquisas sobre essas duas hipoteses na literatura internacional.
In addition to the symptom survey, Kail used EDS to assess the number of substances that produced reactions in a patient When a person reacts to an item (or its energy signature stored in the EDS device), the device shows a peak reading of 58 or less and an indicator drop greater than 2.
Kail hace especial enfasis en que en El Ser y la Nada la subjetividad o, mas bien, la conciencia, esta encerrada en una relacion dual con el otro, dualidad que en la Critica de la Razon Dialectica es reemplazada por la idea de una "trinidad", esto es, una relacion ternaria, en donde "el 'tercero' se vuelve entonces la clave de la intersubjetividad" (189) en tanto el nosotros es posible a traves de el.
8220;We are honored to be selected as a finalist for the Best Third-Party Technology Provider,” said Kail.
Moving down to B-list celebs, several reality TV stars were in town this week visiting former "Big Brother" housemate Kail Harbick's businesses in the McKenzie Valley for a launch party to promote "Big Brother 9.
Thomas Kail didn't know any choreographers in 2006, when, after some four years of work, he and the rest of the creative team of In the Heights were finally ready to get the show on its feet.
Balsall Kail Heath was jailed for one year after he admitted wounding, and two years consccutively after being convicted of the brother robbery.
We were only going to run him once but the ground stayed good/good to soft so we brought him out again," said part-owner Steve Kail.
western region and that Anne Kail will manage the company's London-based sales.
It's the one question that will probably spring immediately to mind the minute you set foot inside The Kail Yard Green .
Jean Kail, 58, was in agony when her shoulder was torn from its socket as her shopping trolley collapsed.