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New Zealand evergreen valued for its light easily worked wood

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To develop an effective network of integrated state highway and urban arterial routes linking SH1 from Kahikatea Drive in Hamilton City to Tamahere and the Waikato Expressway in the south, and SH3 from Hamilton International Airport to central and east Hamilton.
Soil from an adjacent dairy pasture and indigenous Kahikatea forest (Table 1) was sampled to determine a suitable replication strategy and field sampling protocol.
An example is that of the Waipa District Council which has made significant progress in protecting scenic corridors and local remnants of high conservation value, particularly kahikatea stands and peat lakes through a combination of planning controls, voluntary covenants and purchase by the Council of key landscape features.
Commenting on the Anglican women's statement, Jenny Te Paa, commission delegate and aborangi, or dean, of Te Ran Kahikatea, the College of St.
She quotes a sentence that names puriris and kahikateas and titoki.