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characterized by surreal distortion and a sense of impending danger

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Vida is adept at subverting all the formulas her novel would seem to be invoking: From helpless victim of a Kafkaesque muddle, her protagonist turns consumer-predator, a Bonnie without a Clyde.
With a nineteenth-century judge in a small Sicilian town, a young female judge who survives an assassin's bullet, and a Kafkaesque tale of a lifelong feud between a prosecutor and a corrupt mayor, the collection promises three good law-and-lit poolside reads.
These objects offered welcome moments of respite from the seemingly endless paperwork that had proliferated under each collaborative venture, evoking the labyrinthine, Kafkaesque nature of APG artists' encounters with bureaucracy.
It's the old GOP chant with a Kafkaesque twist: no new taxes, even if that means increased taxes for everyone.
7 ( ANI ): The wife of Chinese Nobel Peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo has spoken out for the first time in more than two years from under house arrest, revealing the Kafkaesque conditions she is being kept in.
Kafka, whose name spawned the adjective Kafkaesque (one definition says "marked by a senseless, disorienting, often menacing complexity"), was born in Prague in 1883 into a family of German-speaking Jews.
A Kafkaesque tale that questions America's compulsive love affair with modern technology, efficiency, speed, money, and "making it.
Having taken readers through the Kafkaesque world of Italian and Papal diplomacy Miss Fletcher concludes that Casali did serve Henry well and truly.
And all of those cars have to be parked somewhere at some time, although one wonders whether some people in Guangzhou have to keep driving in some Kafkaesque nightmare of no space to go.
Instead, the novel is characterized by a tone that suggests a child's dream, a Kafkaesque nightmare, or a painting by Chagall (indeed, both Kafka and Chagall are reimagined as residents of Bom Fim).
Things are too Kafkaesque in Iran," said James Velaise, the French distributor of Rasoulof's film "Be Omid e Didar" (Goodbye).
But the film's French distributor, James Velaise, told AFP on Friday that Rasoulof was going through a Kafkaesque nightmare in Tehran and would not be in Cannes.
It's Kafkaesque to imagine this scenario in Guantanamo, as they set up the waterboard to nearly drown their captives.
The farmers consortium behind it says it will be a "flagship for the industry" but to outsiders, it looks like Kafkaesque, US-style intensive farming.
The situation that the character finds himself in, which is very Kafkaesque, relates to many countries.