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characterized by surreal distortion and a sense of impending danger

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The remainder of the stories emerge from Vallejo's unique brand of Latin-American experimentalism, with a Kafkaesque flair that's especially evident in "The Caynas," a story which features a character whose entire family believes they are monkeys.
She had serious mental health problems, exacerbated both by the Kafkaesque disability and healthcare systems and by the serious, measurable stressors that marginalized people experience every day.
This strange Kafkaesque tale takes her further from the traumatic events of her recent past.
SO, GREEK voters have voted 'no' in a referendum, which in an almost Kafkaesque situation, was on whether to accept a bailout extension package that was no longer on offer.
As a result, people who check"yes" on the felony box can find themselves trapped in a Kafkaesque world where they are peppered with Inquisition-style questions and repeatedly asked to find documents that do not exist or are impossible to provide.
justifications for the embargo have lurched opportunistically over the decades, but the mean-spirited, almost Kafkaesque obsession with choking off the island has remained staunch across multiple presidencies.
In a statement, Prof Diab described his life as being caught in a Kafkaesque nightmare.
Last month we published an article by Doron Ben-Atar, a professor of History at Fordham University, in which he detailed the Kafkaesque proceedings the university initiated against him after he spoke out against the American Studies Association's academic boycott of Israel, a Title IX investigation he alleged was secretive and politically motivated.
Ordinary consumers, many now in fuel poverty, are funding this Kafkaesque economic nightmare by way of subsidies to wealthy landowners, rich investors and major utilities.
The main body of the volume comprises eleven contributions, ranging from a careful documentation of the sources on Adler and Theresienstadt at Sebald's disposal (Jo Catling, 55-78), to an exploration of the Kafkaesque in Adler and Sebald, Kafka being a crucial point of reference for both men (Martin Modlinger, 201-231), and two studies on Adler's post-war contexts, one on various entanglements between Adler, Broch, Adorno, and Sebald (Helen Finch, 232-53), the other on Adler's take on the literary scene in the post-war Federal Republic (Frank Finlay, 254-74).
a Kafkaesque narrative in which the hero inhabits a world haunted by the Jigsaw Man, a world of coffee, the Beatles, love and obsession, where certain people can see the red heart.
All along the way she'll meet funny, sad, inspiring, and infuriating bureaucrats, but only after 30 years of tilting at these windmills and navigating Kafkaesque mazes will she finally learn the moral of her own story.
It's the old GOP chant with a Kafkaesque twist: no new taxes, even if that means increased taxes for everyone.
7 ( ANI ): The wife of Chinese Nobel Peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo has spoken out for the first time in more than two years from under house arrest, revealing the Kafkaesque conditions she is being kept in.
Having taken readers through the Kafkaesque world of Italian and Papal diplomacy Miss Fletcher concludes that Casali did serve Henry well and truly.