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any collection in its entirety

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Kaboodle was launched in 2005 when Manish Chandra and his wife grew frustrated trying to buy home improvement products (2009).
Singh's most recent ventures include Bunchball, Movoto, Kaboodle and several India investments.
A55 last night Monday events and attractions include Kite Kaboodle Caernarfon 10am-12 noon, at Castle Square Presbyterian Church.
The firm's portfolio company, information-sharing site Kaboodle, was sold to the Hearst Corporation.
Are refills available for the tool or must one buy the whole kaboodle again?
Nona Grainger, owner of Bedale-based Kit and Kaboodle Patchwork Kits, has only ever used Royal Mail but said she would consider other carriers if her business expanded.
Egresada de la prestigiosa escuela de Jacques Lecoq en Paris, colaboro con las companias inglesas Talking Picture, Tottering Bipeds y Kaboodle.
The Hearst Corporation has announced that it will acquire Kaboodle Inc.
Television comedy act The Whole Kaboodle will perform at Tamworth Assembly Rooms on September 14.
Kaboodle, a new type of Internet site, specializes in "social shopping," which it says is a combination of social network (like Facebook.
Who wouldn't bet the whole kaboodle, blow the three precious wishes to get social justice, the end of oppression of Third Worlders, workers, women, and anyone else under an opprobrious yoke?
A new method to bookmark and categorise sites, share and extract information when surfing the web has been unveiled by Kaboodle Inc.
Verdict: The whole kaboodle is on the pricey side, as there is no set meal deal but you can always opt for an apple or a banana instead of the more expensive fruit packs.
Ready-ish to face the day, I stroll down Merrion Row past a pub called Kitty's Kaboodle - closed, of course.
Silence falls, one or another family member rises from the long table at which they are gathered to celebrate the 60th birthday of moneyed patriarch Helge (Robert Pugh), and out comes a potpourri of long-held grievances that could scarcely be more grim: abuse, both sexual and racial, rape, incest and often the whole kaboodle at once.