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Synonyms for kabbalah

an esoteric or occult matter resembling the Kabbalah that is traditionally secret

an esoteric theosophy of rabbinical origin based on the Hebrew scriptures and developed between the 7th and 18th centuries

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He also began to have issues with the fact that their children were so heavily involved in the Kabbalah for Kids programs.
The supermodel has revealed that she is attempting to reign in her explosive temper by converting to the mystical Kabbalah religion.
The actual Kabbalah consists of collected Hebrew works amassed during the 12th and 13th centuries in Spain.
The accounts do not include any donations she may have made to Kabbalah in Britain, where she now lives with film director husband Guy Ritchie.
The Kabbalah is fronted by a retired insurance salesman Fievel Gruberger who has changed his name to the smoother Philip Berg.
Bruno uses the Kabbalah as a hermeneutic device to introduce and explicate his own theories.
And the pounds 1 million Kabbalah Learning Centre, opened in Los Angeles two years ago, is already too small to cope with the vast crowds flocking there.
Featuring invigorating music from leading musician and Kabbalist Jai Uttal, the "Advanced Attainable" workout offers an 11-section first course explaining to the beginner what Kabbalah is and how it is currently helping millions of people of every religion, and a special bonus of a series of 6 additional Asanas by Ariella for the more advanced practitioner.
Kabbalah is a discipline of Judaism concerned with the mystical aspects of the religion.
In addition to the new daily Kabbalah corollary, the daily archives get stored on the Psychic Readings Blog.
A fervent practitioner of Kabbalah, Madonna is also due to attend a symposium on the study of Jewish mystic discipline along with fellow Kabbalists, US actress Demi Moore and her husband and fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, local Israeli media said.
Their papers on Kabbalah cover the place of Jewish mystic Pico in anti-Jewish polemics and Christian Kabbalah, Christian orthodoxy and Jewish Kabbalah in Russia, Adorno's Kabbalah, and the polemics of academic scholars of Jewish mysticism against those practicing Kabbalah, while those on issues of heresy analyze polemics against images in western esotericism, the relations of alchemy to piety and theosophy to orthodox Christianity, and shifting identities in suspect groups such as in the multiple identities of Salomo Semler.
Hebrew in origin, Kabbalah is an ancient metaphysical science permitting its practitioners to better understand the world they live in and the purposes of God in the lives of His people.
is a senior astrophysist and former chair of the Smithsonian Museum's astronomy department--so why isn't his LET THERE BE LIGHT: MODERN COSMOLOGY AND KABBALAH reviewed in our science section?
But the conversation became more complicated when fans realized the American pop star of Italian descent practices Kabbalah, a school of thought believed to have originated from the Middle East .