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Synonyms for juxtaposition

the act of positioning close together (or side by side)

a side-by-side position

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In the abstract, the juxtaposition made its point, but pianist Brian Zeger's thoroughly competent but thoroughly lifeless performance made clear his resignation at having a secondary position in this collaboration.
The building form is a juxtaposition of two separate masses possessing both a solidity and lightness; it never loses its identity as a residential building among the many office building giants in a neighborhood that is mainly commercial.
But it is in the juxtaposition of immediate commercialism, "Samuel Adams is a beer, John Hancock's signature / is an Insurance Company," with the nation's historic and social issues that Braggs offsets the superficiality of the times with meaningful and weighty observation.
Both in its organization and formal articulation, Pugh + Scarpa's architecture directly addresses this juxtaposition.
Such crucial symbolic elements, which are elevated through juxtaposition into emblems of transcendence, emphasize Kereszi's talent for descrying and depicting "random" scenes so strikingly composed that one wonders at first whether she has arranged them herself.
Yet it is his effective understatement, his unusual juxtaposition of the apparently outrageous or absurd with the contemporarily relevant, that distinguishes his work, For example, his poem "Plague Victims Catapulted I Over Walls Into Besieged City," starts with the lines "Early germ I warfare Combined with his calm, factual approach to the unlikely, irony is one of his strengths.
In it, visitor circulation routes through the building are fused with circuits that suggest links and mutual influences between cultures, established through geographical juxtaposition and those trade routes so redolent of romance, such as the Silk Route that historically connected lands between India and China.
Through its juxtaposition of contemporary and archaic images, rem.
In one of his small sketches--his exhibition at the Schnittraum ran at the same time as Art Cologne--he takes aim at the juxtaposition of the "Old Big Art Fair" and the smaller parallel "Young Art Fair": A clueless middle-class collector stands rather forlornly in front of both convention centers.
He evokes a compelling sense of place in the juxtaposition of enthusiastically detailed descriptions of the village and its landscapes with a multitude of delightful pen and ink drawings which are bursting with energy or are seriously serene, depending, one suspects, on the state of the prevailing weather.
1] Surrounded on all sides except the north by rugged hills, the place offers the juxtaposition of magnificent intractable nature and the man-made.
Such combinations recur frequently in Henning's works, wherein instances of the broad quotation of disjunctive imagery and styles are handled not through layering and juxtaposition but rather via spatially logical if circumstantially unexpected arrangements.
Through dynamic geometry, inventive landscaping and challenging juxtaposition of materials, Geuze has created a highly civilized modern garden for the much-needed contemplation of and retreat from the frenetic bustle of urban life.
The odd juxtaposition of a smoothly bald head and the dulcet, liquid legs of a ballerina sets Petronio visually outside of gender boundaries.
At once the most successful and most controversial juxtaposition was the grouping of some remarkable works under the precepts "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain," "The seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God," and "Thou shalt honor they mother and father": Francis Alys's When Faith Moves Mountains, 2002, which the artist has called "Land art for the land-less," Anri Sala's video Uomo Duomo, 2000, showing a man sleeping on a pew, and Alexander Sokurov's 1997 film Mother and Son, the disturbing documentation of the death of the filmmaker's own mother.