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placed side by side often for comparison

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In one recent project, they did a close "reading" of a piece of artwork and juxtaposed it with primary sources that reflected multiple perspectives from the Westward Expansion period.
Cuneo's "Images of Warfare as Political Legitimization: Jorg Breu The Elder's Rondels for Maximilian I's Hunting Lodge at Lermos" are made somewhat problematic, not by their scholarship of the subjects, which is masterful, but by the picaresque history of Maximilian, whose life, when juxtaposed with his efforts at self-glorification and legitimization, creates an almost "opera bouffe" satire.
The local paper, which carried ads for all the local furriers, juxtaposed news photos of the two groups, giving the impression they were of equal size--and making sure to focus on the most unkempt individuals in the anti-fur crowd.
Little known, certainly to western readers, the subject of Japanese flight gear is of interest, especially when juxtaposed with Osprey's recent volume on U.
The anthology is most successful when chapters on similar themes are juxtaposed, as is the case with chapters on art history, city planning, and consumerism.
Morrison's sympathy for dark-skinned Pecola is thus juxtaposed against her undergraduate predilection for "pretty-girl" popularity, with Duvall commenting that he is not criticizing her, "since people during their young adulthood often participate in activities that they later find suspect.
While the documentary makes no mention of Dietrich's lesbian loves, it suggests that one thing the Nazis couldn't stomach was her on-screen crossing of sexual boundaries: The famous scene in Morocco (a film banned in Germany)in which a tuxedoed Dietrich kisses a lovely woman on the lips is juxtaposed with a quote from the German press saying, "The film offends the moral and academic ideals of the Reich.
Judge Baer concluded "Clearly, in some of the institutions the plumbing is deplorable, but one must keep in mind that we are dealing with prisons juxtaposed with the tests set out in the applicable caselaw.
It has never ceased to amaze me how contradictory this city is: its brilliant sunshine, lush greenery and sparkling ocean alongside smog and natural disasters; its virginal landscapes against endless traffic jams; the openness and friendliness of people juxtaposed against outcroppings of racial unforgiveness and crime.
at least one filling of an edible food juxtaposed to said contact surface;
Schmidt has juxtaposed the pointe work of ballet vocabulary and African rhythms with exciting results.
The Parisian Negritude movement is juxtaposed against revolutionary writing, and often the reservations of African American literary giants, including James Baldwin and Richard Wright.
A first fold is juxtaposed at the first thigh panel distal edge.
But this gain was viewed skeptically by many blacks who saw it juxtaposed against the anti-affirmative action referendum pending in California and the Supreme Court's reviewing of federally enforced minority and female set-aside programs.
Martinis with their attendant male and female olives reflect the eccentricities of human behavior, cleverly juxtaposed with images from gambling, gaming, sports, champagne, wine and cigars.