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place side by side

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There is nothing superficial about her use of these idioms, nor does she juxtapose them ironically.
The 'Assessing and Managing Risk to Meet HIPAA Requirements' briefing will provide attendees a unique opportunity to juxtapose perspectives on HIPAA compliance from two leading healthcare organizations--one a payer and the other a provider," said Shahriar Beigi, Solutions Director, Compliance Advisory Services, Unisys.
Works like "Crosshaired Rhapsody" juxtapose elements of the violent (bullet holes) within the context of the sublime (presented as a flowerbed of color).
Our new Gravity Pays(TM) games juxtapose the situation, as the 'laws of nature' control the player's 'destiny'.
The giant black-and-white paintings of Owusu-Ankomah (born in Ghana, lives in Germany) juxtapose symbols from Ghanaian funerary cloth with Western ideograms such as the sign for "radioactive" or corporate logos, creating in the process a species of abstract history painting.
This will juxtapose the level of emission reduction with the degree of cost effectiveness for particular size and cost of vehicle.
Don't miss the bizarre French New Wave-lampooning "Avant-Garde Trailer," which juxtaposes phrases like "C'est Audacieux" and "Des Temptations" over black-and-white clips.
A surrealisto-pop installation by Guyton/Walker juxtaposes a profusion of ornamented paint cans with variations of Ketel One posters featuring Swiss Army knives, the duo freely acknowledging Fischli & Weiss and, somewhat more remotely, Andy Warhol.
Developer Sherwood Equities has created a dramatic fourth floor roof deck terrace that juxtaposes the glitz and glamour of Times Square with the qualities of a suburban oasis for the exclusive use of 1600 Broadway on the Square residents and their guests.