juvenile court

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a court having jurisdiction over dependent and delinquent children

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Attorney Roache is a respected and distinguished legal expert whose three decades of experience representing children, parents and families of the Commonwealth will well serve the Juvenile Court, said Governor Baker.
No person shall be appointed as a Judge of a Juvenile Court unless he is or has been a session judge or an additional session judge, or a Judicial Magistrate vested with powers under section 30 of the code or a practicing advocate who has at least ten years standing at Bar, and the latter shall be appointed on such terms and conditions as the Government may determine in consultation with the concerned High Court.
In Wednesday's opinion, Price citing a 1995 change in the law, said that a juvenile court should "take pains to 'show its work' in coming to that certification decision.
Magistrate Judge Harold ''Hal'' Horne charged the former TV judge with contempt of court, said Dan Michael, chief magistrate judge of the Shelby County Juvenile Court.
This Article will address several issues raised by Missouri's unusual juvenile court structure, arguing that the structure violates the Missouri Constitution's separation of powers clauses by placing prosecutorial discretion within the judicial branch.
said Teresa Gordy, who serves as the Rockdale County Juvenile Court programs administrator.
First, from its inception, the juvenile court perpetuated existing racial stereotypes about blackness and delinquency and enforced societal notions of race, gender and class stratification.
They examine such subjects as the constitutional basis for juvenile court adjudications; the growing presence of child abuse and neglect cases in juvenile court; the legal status of status offenders; the role of victims in juvenile courts; and revised juvenile codes in New Mexico, North Carolina and elsewhere.
AFTER 50 years of juvenile courts, many thinking people are wondering whether or not this is the time to take a still further step in guiding young people.
The best way - indeed, the only way - to dignify the contribution that Leonard made to countless children and families during his tenure on the bench is to return the juvenile court to its glory days, when rehabilitation was king and detention was a last resort.
Children in juvenile court are entitled to due process and fair treatment, and adoption of this rule is clearly consistent with those constitutional principles.
On Behalf of Children: A History of Judicial Activism in the Dade County Juvenile Court By Seymour Gelber
For decades juvenile justice historians have searched for the long-lost case files of the Cook County Juvenile Court in Chicago, hoping the confidential records would reveal some of the secrets of this complex institution.
be returned to Juvenile Court to be sentenced for voluntary manslaughter, which carries a substantially lesser penalty.
Chapter 6 outlines juvenile court reforms that are needed in the face of growing evidence about juvenile sex offenders and offending.
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