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Synonyms for juvenile

Synonyms for juvenile

being in an early period of growth or development

of or characteristic of a child, especially in immaturity

a young person between birth and puberty

one who is not yet legally of age

Synonyms for juvenile

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It would inspect the Observation Homes and Juvenile Rehabilitation Centers and may give directions to the officer in charge of such places for the measures to be taken for welfare and social re-integration of the juvenile kept under their supervision, the bill said.
Under the new under process legislation, every juvenile or a child victim of an offence shall have the right of legal assistance at expenses of State.
The verdict sent a shockwave though it is the highest punishment a juvenile can get under the present law -- Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000.
Can a juvenile now turned major be sent to reformatory that is only for juveniles?
It was obvious to OJJ that the system for legally supervising and managing the treatment and care of juvenile sex offenders was inefficient, potentially harmful and that it lacked the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders to effectively meet the needs of juvenile sex offenders, their families and the community.
OJJ recognized that juvenile sex offenders represent a diverse population and thus, do not require the same treatment.
explain that juvenile justice interventions involve a supervisory component and a treatment one.
Pennington reports that the juvenile delinquency courtroom becomes a socialization experience (7) for both parents and youth.
The juvenile or criminal court may: (1) impose a juvenile or an adult sentence, (2) impose both a juvenile and adult sentence, with the adult sentence suspended under specified conditions, or (3) impose a sentence past the normal limit of juvenile court jurisdiction; typically, a hearing is held when the juvenile reaches the age of adult jurisdiction (varies by state, 18-21 years) to determine if an adult sentence will be imposed.
Juvenile Justice in the Making relies on both well-known sources and some new ones.
Most of the juveniles are repeat offenders trained by adults to commit the crimes because minors receive minimal penalties, Budge said.
The next chapter (chapter 3) then moves to focus expressly on sex crimes by juveniles while chapter four considers varied approaches to juvenile sex offender treatment.
In the case of juvenile sex offenders, this problem is especially acute.