jut out

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Most scientists had thought that the voltage-sensing regions of the pore would be hidden within the ion channel, but instead they jut out as hinged projections that MacKinnon calls "paddles" In hindsight, he adds, it's clear that the free-moving nature of these four, positively charged paddles accounts, at least in part, for the difficulties in crystallizing the pores.
The bulb-outs - concrete curbs, basically - would jut out about 6 feet into the roadway from both sides of Mill, just north of G Street.
Two rows of painted-bronze sinks, each recycling its own water supply, jut out of the woods painted on the walls.
Thousands of visitors come to the park each year to climb the jagged rock formations that jut out from the ground at 45-degree angles.
Instead of mountain ranges, singular massive mountains jut out of Mars' crust.