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having words so spaced that lines have straight even margins

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Majority of Palestinian Muslims (62 percent) think suicide bombing is often or sometimes justified, the report added.
Moscovici said that hedge funds played a vital role in the country's economy and, therefore, the move was justified.
A contrast class is a set of propositions which are incompatible with each other, so that if one is justified in believing a proposition P out of a contrast class C, it is because one has grounds that rule out all the other propositions of C but not P.
Normative theories of the private law, however, often take the moral justification of the private law to consist in the endorsement of a defensible normative theory combined with a demonstration that the rough outlines of, for example, contract or tort law, would be justified by that theory.
Prosecutors had argued that the search was justified by Samuel's parole status.
Sheehy is aiming Justified at the Arkle Trophy at Cheltenham with Leopardstown's Arkle Cup Chase next month also on the agenda, and the trainer reported all was well coming into today's big test.
Perhaps Gandhi would have been justified in doing the same.
The rebate was justified in 1984 when it was agreed.
JUSTIFIED is fancied to give up-and-coming trainer Dusty Sheehy the first Cheltenham Festival winner of his career.
In the final section, on the Civil War years, the writings of Nathaniel Dawson and Theodorick Montfort open up ways in which men used the joinery between love and ambition, at first, to justify the risk and destruction of the conflict, and then, later, to explain why love justified abandoning the war effort.
led invasion of Iraq could not be justified as humanitarian in motive because there was no ongoing or imminent mass killings by President Saddam Hussein's government.
Compulsory retirement ages will be outlawed unless they are justified.
Does she also tolerate the "religious views" that justified slavery in America, that justify the murder of "witches" in Africa today, or that justify a "jihad" that attacks America?
7430(c)(4)(B), the taxpayer fails to qualify as the prevailing party if the IRS establishes that its position was substantially justified under Sec.
In the invasion's aftermath, the Bush administration has quietly revised its claims by insisting that the attack was justified, not by Iraq's existing arsenal, but by the possibility that the regime might someday acquire WMDs.