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Synonyms for joust

Synonyms for joust

any competition or test of opposing wills likened to the sport in which knights fought with lances

Synonyms for joust

a combat between two mounted knights tilting against each other with blunted lances


joust against somebody in a tournament by fighting on horseback

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Discontinuities in NIPA Foreign Transactions, 1998-99 [Billion of dollars] 1998 Pub- Discon- Ad- lished tinuity justed (1) Net exports of goods and services -151.
12) justed EBITDA(a) $2,104 $(35) g, general and administrative expenses.
4 Seasonally ad- justed annual rates 2001: June 1,645 892 302 8.
4--Private Service Transactions [Millions of dollars] Not season- ally ad- justed Line 1999 2000(p) 1999 I 1 Exports of private services 254,665 280,761 59,834 2 Travel (table F.
31, 1995--Design Data Systems, developers of Oracle-based client/server business applications for mid-sized companies, justed released Work Order Management as part of its Distribution suite of client/server business applications.
length of service; civil- lan compensation, full- time equivalent employ, ment by grade, ad- justed for change from base year in hours worked.
First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter As As As As As As Rep- Adj- Rep- Adj- Rep- Adj- orted justed orted usted orted usted (in thousands, except per share amounts) Net sales $9,479 $8,823 $8,841 $9,211 $8,885 $8,675 Net income (loss) $363 $55 $356 $218 $380 $(498)