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the body of laws governing relations between nations

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law, ix even though jus gentium consists of two distinct parts, jus
The jus gentium was based on the jus honorarium magistrate-made law that had grown in the praetorian courts.
57) While the jus civile governed relations among Roman citizens, the jus gentium controlled interactions with or among foreigners.
Ambrose, who was Roman governor of northern Italy before becoming Bishop of Milan, who explicitly related the secular legal considerations governing warfare under Roman Jus Gentium to the moral constraints placed on war fare by Christian theology, through the cardinal virtues, chief of which he considered to be justice.
321) Although he does not fully develop this idea, it is strikingly reminiscent of the way the jus gentium developed in the Roman Empire (see Brierly, 1963: 17ff); he has laid out a foundation block for his own civilizational dialogue.
Wherever he finds himself, Wenamun invokes what the author calls--although he is well aware of the anachronistic use of the term--the jus gentium, the "right of men," to pr otect themselves from possible harm.
rightly identifies jus, jus gentium, and dominium as the three central categories which drive these theologians to their conclusions about the liceity of slavery.