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Synonyms for jury-rigged

done or made using whatever is available

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Unless you jury-rig your own cold-weather cap, older units behave just like an open window in the winter.
Make sure that whoever checks your eyes has the wherewithal to jury-rig a temporary set of glasses with that prescription.
In the meantime, I can jury-rig a solution to your airflow problem tonight.
Scientists managed to jury-rig another on-board camera to track stars, enabling the crippled probe to keep navigating.
With some pointed advice my friend sagely told me to jury-rig a modest device and he'd help as he could with the more difficult details.
After the division of Germany following the War, the place was occasionally used by the West German government to establish that the island of West Berlin was still part of their area of influence, and the shell was given a jury-rig (a clumsy '60s interior to make it possible as a debating chamber and offices).
But we need not jury-rig a means-tested voucher onto an independently crafted catastrophic coverage system.