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someone who serves (or waits to be called to serve) on a jury

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The twelve jurors were all writing very busily on slates.
Alice could see, as well as if she were looking over their shoulders, that all the jurors were writing down `stupid things
Suppose that some months before the opening of the Atlanta Exposition there had been a general demand from the press and public platform outside the South that a Negro be given a place on the opening programme, and that a Negro be placed upon the board of jurors of award.
It was remarked that the jurors appeared to be deeply interested in a rapid conversation which the manager of the "Epoque" was having with Maitre Henri Robert.
Eleven of the 12 jurors asked to decide whether Angelica Swartout fatally smothered a baby determined following a trial earlier this month that prosecutors proved the woman is guilty of murder, said the juror, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Juror B37 added that she felt George Zimmerman was "justified in shooting Trayvon Martin.
He wrote, "I also fear that the creation of a juror list to be included in the case file may, over time, diminish the fairness and impartiality of jurors.
Recently, a witness in Miami was discovered texting his boss about his testimony during a sidebar conference resulting in a mistrial; (8) a South Dakota juror in a seat belt product liability case Googled the defendant and informed five other jurors that the defendant had not been sued previously; (9) a juror in a federal corruption trial in Pennsylvania posted his progress during deliberations on the Internet resulting in a motion for mistrial; (10) a juror in Bartow, Florida, looked up a defendant's "rap sheet" online and told fellow jurors, resulting in a mistrial; and jurors in a Florida criminal case made anti-Semitic comments to each other and consulted one of the jurors' accountants during deliberations by telephone.
While Article One of the Dufaure law affirmed the principle that any man over thirty who enjoyed political and civil rights could serve as a juror, the articles that followed limited the criteria for eligibility considerably.
When juror John Ostrom states that "whenever Merck was up there [on the witness stand], it was like wah, wah, wah," he is demonstrating the failure of Merck to present a cogent case through its witnesses.
What questions would they ask each prospective juror to determine whether or not he or she would make a suitable juror for the murder trial?
4) Officers should refrain from testifying in their uniforms when possible because juror perceptions have shifted over the years--a suit and tie proves the most influential attire, especially in a jury trial.
This article describes the juror process employed by the Academy to identify the research base, frame the content maps, and validate the content.
Liverpool crown court is one of 14 across the country giving people the chance to log on to the Juror Online Service.