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the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do

the collection of rules imposed by authority


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Waldron's article, however, insightful as it is, does not illustrate a clear advantage for positivism over a virtue jurisprudence.
from NIFIs to ensure that they comply with the provisions of Islamic commercial jurisprudence Provide written juristic opinion of Islamic jurisprudence in respect of new non-interest (Islamic) financial products and instruments developed by the CBN or referred to it by the CBN or other regulatory bodies in the Nigerian financial system
The seminar stressed the importance of updating the basics of Islamic legislations and the tools for jurisprudence interpretation.
To serve on FRACE, members will be required to possess knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence with specialization in the field of Islamic Commercial Jurisprudence.
The second chapter is entitled "Efectele juridice ale posesiei" ("The legal effects of possession") discusses the complex legal context of the doctrine, jurisprudence and commentaries.
Dr Al-Draiweesh, presently performing his duties as president IIUI since 2012, he is a PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence and owns vast experience of teaching and research in the fields of Islamic Law and Comparative Jurisprudence.
In these and in various speeches and law review articles, he finds that Thomas has articulated a clear and consistent jurisprudence of constitutional restoration that seeks to restore the original general meaning of the US Constitution.
Contract award notice: maintaining application system jurisprudence - supranational insti (emc dokumentum components, database, application server and web services) and procurement of licenses for emc dokumentum application system jurisprudence - supranational insti
Damascus, (SANA) Minister of Endowments Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed said Monday participation of the women preachers in jurisprudence of the crisis is important to respond to untrue fatwa, particularly those directed against Muslim women who were desecrated by takfiri's fatwa.
Thus, these Articles show that the functional specializations of grievances judge in Saudi state are wide to include a lot of the functional specializations of grievance judge in Islamic jurisprudence.
Slobogin (1995) identified five dilemmas that therapeutic jurisprudence proponents need to resolve before the perspective can gain widespread acceptance.
Working to further the idea that old-growth forests, piping plovers, mountain streams and all of nature have rights worthy of recognition in courtrooms, the Center for Earth Jurisprudence has just wrapped up its first academic year at two Catholic law schools.
It set the tone for the Court's modern religion-clause jurisprudence and was significant because Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, a former Baptist Sunday school teacher, popularized the 'wall of separation' metaphor that Roger Williams and Thomas Jefferson talked about in earlier days.
He wants to develop a systematic jurisprudence of preventive state action.