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Synonyms for junky

someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction

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Active Junky is an online community that provides the best gear and apparel for outdoor enthusiasts.
A client called into the saleroom a few weeks ago with a pile of junky china, not worth selling really.
Called The Road Junky Sahara Retreat, the programme will be held in the Moroccan Sahara from January 27 to February 2, 2013, making it the third time that the retreat has been held in the desert.
3 million Twitter followers about a gig in Weston-super-Mare by tweeting "Let me take you to JUNKY TOWN.
I'm not sure it can be classed as a holiday - dashing around between shows can be quite exhausting - but it really is heaven on earth for a theatre junky like me.
For the first time since its closing in October, founder Fred Bramante visited one of his Daddy's Junky Music stores in December--the location in downtown Boston.
Among the local artists on display are jewellery maker The Stone Ranger, husband and wife team Junky Chicken, Faithful Creations, Sally T, Driftaway and youngsters studying GCSE art and design who've supplied their work and been given a platform by Mitchka.
We like to be copied--it's the highest form of flattery--but we wanted it done in a decent way, not junky," De Veirman said about the new line.
Secret life: He's a reality TV junky, who watches "Jersey Shore": "It's like watching a train wreck.
This second volume of autobiography charts Brands rise from crack-house junky to Hollywood star and includes enough sexual excesses to make Caligula seem a prudish spinster.
RYAN BINGHAM Junky Star (Lost Highway) GRAVEL voiced Ryan Bingham has been around for a while, but only appeared on the radar after picking up an Oscar for The Weary Kind, his theme for country movie Crazy Heart.
Dubai Self-confessed adrenalin junky Scott Ragsdale, 39, is attempting to become the first Dubai resident to swim the English Channel today.
57% blamed being a work junky on the current economic climate making it important that they are reachable while away.
But it was an old junky piano sitting in a dark hallway with dark walls and timber so we painted it all white and used strong yellow wallpaper to open the hall up and make it bright and beautiful.
challenge to catch some of the region''s worst criminals, appealing to CSI fans and the technology junky in all of us.