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taking an excursion for pleasure

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Let's wish the insensitive junketing council officials attending this bureaucratic beano a happy Christmas.
Local people know Jill was campaigning against junketing by Labour councillors in the Rhondda while the 'local' AM was standing for the Liberals in Gillingham.
Junketing politicians were to be a thing of the past.
RHODRI Morgan's Cabinet has been warned that every overseas trip has to be justified to avoid allegations of junketing.
This had, though, to be balanced against allegations from media or opposition of junketing, and each case had to be justified on its merits.
Last night, Health Minister Susan Deacon and civil servants were desperately trying to keep a dossier showing the extent of junketing under wraps.
A report by auditors says a culture of junketing exists at the top.
The House Ways and Means Committee, stung by frequent reports of congressional junketing, paid for only one trip in 1996 - for a meeting of the World Trade Organization in Singapore.
They will rule on those accused of junketing, draw up a code of standards and recommend punishments for councillors and employees who break it.