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a shop that sells cheap secondhand goods

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Police are now conducting follow-up operations to track "Louie" and "Marvin" and the owner of the junk shop where the urn was brought.
Recent inspections showed that despite the talks, the 73 shops continued to ignore local laws, particularly the 2006 Junk Shop Regulation Ordinance and the city's environmental code passed in 2014.
Broken TV sets, electric fans and washing machines are among the common home appliances that Mel buys, which he delivers to the junk shop.
Donny, the junk shop owner, Bobby, a young junkie, and Teach, a violently paranoid loudmouth, all become pawns caught up in their own game.
The embellished chapter plate headings, the map of the Old Junk Shop and occasional skull and crossbones enhance the visual feel to the story of Borroweresque pirates.
net/2014/10/concepts-star-wars-episode-viis-female-mechanic-hero/) claimed he's seen a photo that described how Daisy Ridley's supposed character would look like as a junk shop mechanic.
Consider upcycling traditional pieces too - a nest of tables from a junk shop can be transformed with metallic paint.
In related news, police have recovered another 15 mortar shells from a junk shop in Karachi.
The 22-year-old was deprived of oxygen and exposed to bacteria in the makeshift "bedroom" he had created for himself in the corner of his junk shop.
If not, they can be picked up for next to nothing at your local tip or junk shop.
The Apprentice (BBC1, 9pm) Who's going to get fired this week - it could be anyone as they open an East End junk shop in London.
Authorities found some 168 sacks of rare sea corals that had been shipped from Manila to Cebu, but the consignee, the Cebu Junk Shop, turned out to be fictitious, Customs Police director Nestorio Gualberto said in a report to Customs Commissioner Angelito Alvarez.
London, Mar 25 (ANI): A man in Britain, who paid 100 pounds for a junk shop painting because he liked the frame, could end up being a millionaire as the masterpiece is believed to be worth 40 million pounds.
Are there hidden treasures on your walls, in your attic, or sitting on the shelves of your favorite junk shop, waiting to be discovered?
Alysha resents her talented family being run by aunts, and so when she inherits a junk shop she's happy to leave the family fold--only to find the shop is a portal to an enchanted community and its special needs.