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Synonyms for junior

Synonyms for junior

one belonging to a lower class or rank

Words related to junior

term of address for a disrespectful and annoying male

a third-year undergraduate

the younger of two persons

a son who has the same first name as his father


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used of the third or next to final year in United States high school or college

including or intended for youthful persons

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References in classic literature ?
DEAR SIR--Please advertise a series of twelve Racy Prints, from my fertile pencil, entitled, 'Scenes of Modern Prison Life,' by Thersites Junior.
If the reader desires to make acquaintance with the associates of my captivity, I must refer him to "Scenes of Modern Prison Life," by Thersites Junior, now doubtless extremely scarce, but producible to the demands of patience and perseverance, I should imagine, if anybody will be so obliging as to pass a week or so over the catalogue of the British Museum.
This inexplicable fact occupied the intellect of Poiret junior for the space of two weeks; and he never knew how the phenomenon was produced.
Yes--the junior partner in the firm of Delamayn, Hawke, and Delamayn.
Hold on, father, don't send that money," said Peter Winn, Junior.
As a Barnacle he had his place, which was a snug thing enough; and as a Barnacle he had of course put in his son Barnacle Junior in the office.
With Barnacle junior, he signified his desire to confer; and found that young gentleman singeing the calves of his legs at the parental fire, and supporting his spine against the mantel-shelf.
My father's not in the way, and won't be in the way to-day,' said Barnacle Junior.
Barnacle Junior quite frightened and feeling all round himself, but not able to find it.
You haven't got any appointment, you know,' said Barnacle Junior.
Barnacle Junior in that state of search after it that Mr Clennam felt it useless to reply at present.
Is it,' said Barnacle junior, taking heed of his visitor's brown face, 'anything about--Tonnage--or that sort of thing?
There was an interval of four years and more between Tess and the next of the family, the two who had filled the gap having died in their infancy, and this lent her a deputy-maternal attitude when she was alone with her juniors.
Oh, they are all Dorothys and Daniels, some being Juniors and some Double-Juniors.
Tartar, when he was the smallest of juniors, diving for me, catching me, a big heavy senior, by the hair of the head, and striking out for the shore with me like a water-giant