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The fruit, also known as Juneberries or shadberries, is a member of the apple family and is the size of a blueberry but tastes like a cherry or almond.
Less abundant, but still important forage for moose, are two species of Prunus, juneberries (Amelanchier spp.
More recently he's been picking burdock flower stalks and petioles, Juneberries, mulberries, chickweed leaves, sow thistle leaves, black birch twigs (for tea), cattail pollen, purslane leaves, lamb's quarters leaves, chanterelles, carrion flower shoots, and milkweed flower buds.
I look both to the wild and to my garden for apples, chokecherries, Juneberries, blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries, rhubarb, mulberries, plums, and an occasional wintergreen berry that breaks that snarfing habit of eating and makes you stop to appreciate and relish one small red berry.
When the juneberries blossom and the apple blossoms are showing pink it's time for the next group (transplanted coles, carrots, corn, sunflowers, squash in cold frames, Swiss chard, spinach, transplanted celery).