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seed of Mexican shrubs of the genus Sebastiana containing the larva of a moth whose movements cause the bean to jerk or tumble

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The children are Logan Davies, Mathew Cole, Sam Burton and Katie Doughty; JUMPING FOR JOY With Pembrokeshire councillor Islwyn Howells, holding the award, are, from left, Jessica Young of Jumping Beans, early years adviser Sally Abadioru, senior public health officer Mary Macdonald and Pamela Evans and Shirley Marshall from Jumping Beans.
The goal of Jumping Beans is to inspire as many children and parents as possible to be happy and healthy for the peaceful future of the planet, and Sophie Foster sees franchising Jumping Beans as the most effective way to achieve this.
Well, during "Borreguita" the pint-sized patrons were literally bouncing for joy, like so many jumping beans.
En los escaparates de la Casa Cervantes no me llaman la atencion los maravillosos tejidos ni los objetos de barro sino los dijes de plata, las pulgas vestidas y sus ceremonias nupciales en el interior de una nuez, las miniaturas de hueso y sobre todo los jumping beans, los frijoles saltarines.
A celebrated dispute in the Cafe Cyrano had pitted him against Andre Breton; it was about the little objects you know as jumping beans.
Son, it's not important whether you win or lose," a somewhat sheepish father next to us told his son apologetically I had just given him a nasty stare as he and his seven-year-old leaped around like a pair of Mexican jumping beans and high-fived each other after their car finished first in the heat.
There are about thirty people jumping around like Mexican jumping beans," he says.
BEAN DREAMS (IPHONE/IPAD) FUN with jumping beans as a child was limited.
The day saw 800 primary school pupils from all over the North-east, and their families, taking part in practical science activities that featured energy transfer, forces and motion and materials such as building straw towers, making kites and creating jumping beans.
For the present she seems to have swept all thoughts about her 11-plus results from her mind, although she has asked if I think her Mexican jumping beans will hatch next month.
His snack would probably involve something like Mexican jumping beans, but that's what we love about him.
While Rik's rich vocals sing about being underwater and jumping beans, the guitar moves around like some whacked out Sixties dropout.
Comply Or Die, the David Pipe-trained horse which was heavily backed on race day to start as 7-1 joint favourite, leapt the final fence like an equine Bob Beamon on jumping beans.
This Mexican underground ensemble managed to win a festival face-off with LA's Ozomatli, pogo-ing with chaotic energy, like chilli-sore jumping beans.