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Synonyms for jumpiness

the anxious feeling you have when you have the jitters

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Foix's poetics uncannily resembles the "reigning style" that Stephen Burt called "elliptical" in the late 1990s: "fragmentation, jumpiness, audacity; performance, grammatical oddity; rebellion, voice, some measure of closure.
THE flag at half-mast atop the Grand Palais, the darkened silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, the Big Wheel at Place Concorde immobilised for days, the jumpiness at the slightest sound, the stories of friends lost or almost, the streets that feel as if the air has been sucked out of them: This is Paris, resilient but jittery.
Smart home security camera Canary will allow you to tweak the jumpiness of the sensors, which will prevent it from sending you alerts whenever the cat wakes up.
The resulting film, Empire, 1964, is a study as much in cinematographic looking as it is on the properties of film itself; though the image of the building at night is otherwise fixed, small dramas play out through exposure, the shifting of light over time, and the slight jumpiness of the image as the celluloid passes through the projector.
Michigan highway unraveling before him or unmake the jumpiness and rapid
The agitation, the constant nervousness and jumpiness was actually physically painful after a while.
But El Di comes back without the jumpiness, without the fantastically hopeful, deluded ambition that I've noticed is the immediate aftereffect of this cocaine he can't stop doing.
And like a pigeon, he was in a constant state of jumpiness.
With Kylie in a constant state of jittery jumpiness, David confides in Eva that he's worried about her (you don't say).
Anxiety is a common symptom of STS and is defined as an unpleasant feeling of fear or state of intense apprehension, tenseness, inability to relax, nervousness, shakiness, or jumpiness (Kellner, 1987).
In basic terms, the National Center for PTSD explains PTSD as follows: "After a trauma or life-threatening event, it is common to have reactions such as upsetting memories of the event, increased jumpiness, or trouble sleeping.
During the flight, thinking of the event that morning, he was a bit sorry about his own jumpiness but he could not stand that plump arrogant Frenchman, and even though this incident could cause professional problems in the future, he also knew that the people in the porn business did not appreciate or hire him for his moral qualities, common sense, or way of being.
The dialogue has improved markedly since the earlier outing, and the lensing and editing, while hardly models of coherence, just about manage to avoid excessive jumpiness.