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an immediate transition from one scene to another

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When a jump cut is used to connect two parts of an interview, it makes clear that a section of the interview has been cut out during the editing.
1 meter, jump cuts were allowed between the stem sections with a different grade both when bucking the stems into conventional and short log lengths.
And while the camera work and pacy editing look slickly American - with every jump cut accompanied by an emphatically dramatic whoosh - the director and editors are Brits (hurrah
Jump cut to the first week of classes and Akiko is sitting in my office with pen in hand.
Then there is a jump, as abrupt as a jump cut, to the London of William Morris and Walter Crane, whose productions for the Socialist journal Commonweal include "cartoons for the cause" that feature not gritty pictures of murdered Communards, but a medieval angel of revolution.
He (and co-editors Pierre Haberer and Tarek Gamal El Din) are also skilled in the jump cut, film comedy's most basic asset.
Having identified a jump cut in the Wenders original, the artist spliced in his own footage, creating a temporal disruption while furthering the narrative and correcting a perceived psychological oversight in the original.
This is exactly what Huyghe's L'ellipse does, for example, when it makes us aware of the function of the jump cut and inserts the actual distance and the time it really takes to move from one place in the story to the next.
Sense is made and unmade experimentally, one camera movement, outrageous jump cut, or scenic flourish at a time: What counts in Tokyo Drifter is the insipid flaneur's powder-bluejacket set in slim relief against the snow, a canary-yellow cabaret and the matching plumage of the canary who sings there, the loopy refrain of the title song.
In a jump cut from the past to the present to the future, they provide the perfect antidote to the historical fantasies pumped out by the mainstream.
If Price,s forte, however, is the jump cut, Trebay's is peripheral vision.
Fair play though, at least they tried to sex things up with pulsating music, jump cuts and split screen effects.
Whereas a film is really just an assemblage of images to tell a story, in a film, you have close-ups, you have jump cuts, you have all those elements.
The Highlanders tied it midway through the second on a highlight-reel 42-yard run by Jahkari Carpenter, who broke a pair of tackles and made his way across the field from right to left on a series of jump cuts before sprinting to the end zone.