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bourbon and sugar and mint over crushed ice


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Julep Street is the poignant journey of a man searching for meaning after loss, with his best friend by his side.
Julep is a prestige color cosmetics and skincare brand founded by Korean-born Jane Park.
21 December 2016 - New York City-based beauty and personal care company Glansaol has agreed to acquire New York City-based beauty care products maker Laura Geller, Seattle, Washington-based e-commerce beauty products company Julep, and New York-based skin care products company Clark's Botanicals, the company said.
At Park Avenue Winter, 200-seat seasonal restaurant in New York, the Yule Julep ($15) is another festive variation; it combines rum, Cognac, port, spiced syrup and mint.
Julep is a spunky, quick-thinking, likable character with many flaws whose friends and guardians remain indistinct in the background.
The fare included chicken strips, baked beans, and loaded mashed potato casserole, along with peach mint juleps--served in traditional silver julep cups, of course--to quench guests' thirst.
Unleashing One's Inner Nail Artist at Home - with Julep Beauty
The other candles in the collection smell like Kentucky Derby, an aromatic toast to the mint julep, and Ale 8, a locally made ginger-citrus flavored soft drink.
To sip a mint julep and perhaps wear a fanciful hat.
BLACK RASPBERRY JULEP Ingredients: 50ml Belvedere Black Raspberry Julep, six fresh raspberries, 15ml simple syrup, handful of fresh mint.
Gone are the days when England players could mill around the outfield looking for a nice shady spot in which to enjoy their mint julep.
SEATTLE -- Julep Beauty Incorporated, one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the U.
She Prepared him a Mint Julep and George Washington drank this with her on the Front Porch.
Julep hopes to grow up as a goblin because that is what she/he feels like inside her/his heart.
But in case you think drinking is too tame, the bar at Vesper serves up some mind-altering cocktails like Mai This made with rock candy (1) and a roast chestnut mint julep.