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They called Kashmir valley the jugular vein of Pakistan and said that the sacrifices being rendered by Kashmiri people would not go in vain.
Dr Yates adapted a technique using bovine jugular vein which he had pioneered for replacing pulmonary valves to adapt it in case of this baby and use to it recreate a mitral valve.
Masood Khan said that Kashmir is not an integral part of India because Kashmiris never consider themselves as an internal part of India, on the contrary Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan as stated by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
We report a case of a patient who required CVC and had extensive involvement of BP caused by the nerve sheath tumour, which resembled the internal jugular vein and external carotid artery, as observed on US of the neck.
Placement of central venous catheters via the right internal jugular vein has become one of the most popular routes.
1) Here we report our experience with an injury to the left internal jugular vein by a crossbow bolt.
Keywords: Lemierre's syndrome, Internal jugular vein thrombosis, Gram negative septicemia, necrobiosisfusodobacterium, Forgotten disease.
Brown plunged a blade nine centimetres into victim Horace Williams's neck - severing his carotid artery and jugular vein.
Reported surgical management options include embolization or ligation of the jugular vein, (3-5) with a known risk of pseudotumor cerebri.
USG neck showed thrombosis of right common jugular vein extending into the external jugular vein.
Facial vein draining into external jugular vein in humans: its variations, phylogenetic retention and clinical relevance.
Saima's children were upstairs and husband Hafiz and other relatives got back from a funeral to find her with wounds to her neck and jugular vein.
Objective: Trendelenburg positioning is a common approach used during internal jugular vein (IJV) cannulation.