jugular vein

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Two brothers, aged eight and nine, were charged yesterday with the stabbing death of a four-year-old boy after they allegedly attacked him outside his New York City apartment and severed his jugular vein with a pen or key, police said.
On computed tomography (CT), no residual thyroid tissue was evident, but CT did detect an apparent right internal jugular vein (IJV) thrombosis.
India is constructing dams at rivers' flow from Kashmir to Pakistan, conspiring to turn our land into waste, " the NPT Chairman alleged, adding that the country would convert into desert if it fails to free its jugular vein from Hindus.
The paper, "Effect of covalently bound heparin coating on patency and biocompatibility of long-term indwelling catheters in the rat jugular vein," is published in the June 2002 issue of "Comparative Medicine.
There's a knife wound to the victim's throat that cut some branches to the victim's carotid artery and jugular vein.
They said Kashmir was a jugular vein of Pakistan and India would have to surrender its territory in the occupied Kashmir.
We report 4 cases of PTC metastasis to unusual sites: (1) the occipital skull and internal jugular vein, (2) the parapharyngeal space, (3) the sternocleidomastoid muscle, and (4) the right atrium of.
He said that Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and people and government of Pakistan will never leave their brethren alone till the goal is achieved.
7,10) A case of presumed pulmonary embolus from an external jugular vein aneurysm has been reported, and it would seem possible for these to occur in association with retromandibular vein ectasia as well.
STABBED teacher Ann Maguire died from shock and haemorrhage after her jugular vein was severed, an inquest heard yesterday.
STABBED teacher Ann Maguire died from "shock and haemorrhage" after her jugular vein was severed, an inquest heard yesterday.
Asked to give his response to Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif's description of Kashmir as the jugular vein of Pakistan, Basit replied during his first visit to Amritsar," Look Jammu and Kashmir is a dispute and that is part of our composite dialogue process.
Addressing a gathering to mark the "Youm- e- Shuhada" ( day of martyrs) at the general headquarters in Rawalpindi late on Wednesday, Gen Sharif said: "Kashmir is Pakistan's jugular vein.
A thug who slashed a man's jugular vein was brought to justice because of the tracking device in his car.
05 mg/kg), the BPA concentrations in blood collected from the jugular vein (i.