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a vital part that is vulnerable to attack

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The neck was broken and the jugular severed as by the fangs of a wild beast.
Separation of jugular vein--death rapid--been dead at least half an hour.
They thought of the marks upon dead throats-made by talons or by giant fingers, they could not tell which--and those upon shoulders and jugulars where powerful teeth had fastened and they waited with drawn pistols.
Cultures reported at 48 hours showed growing of Fusobacterium necrophorum on tubes 1 and 2 from his blood; antibiotics were then changed, anti-thrombolytic therapy was instituted; bilateral pulmonary embolism was diagnosed on spiral CT, jugular thrombosis was also reported from the work-up.
Bamber, who shot dead his adoptive parents,his former model sister Sheila ``Bambi'' Caffell and her twin sons,nearly died as the attacker's knife came within a quarter inch of cutting his jugular vein, according to reports.
JUGULAR ENERGY DRINK LOGO - Jugular Energy Drink logo.
He faithfully toed the party line against the euro and EU integration, but political watchers think it was his failure to hit the jugular that proved his undoing.
With every home player having a bad day, Gillingham went for the jugular.
The implant consists of a shaping ribbon between distal and proximal anchors, and is delivered percutaneously (through the skin) via jugular access under fluoroscopic guidance.
Computed tomography (CT) with contrast demonstrated a giant jugular foramen tumor that extended from the right cerebellopontine angle to the level of the hyoid bone (figure 2).
We know that one more slipup will end our interest in the tournament and we have to go for the jugular from the first whistle," said Gerrard.
THE AUDACIOUSLY idiotic ``XXX: State of the Union'' opens with a severed jugular and ends with the president of the United States throwing a haymaker and heartily declaring, ``(Expletive) you
a bullet in the head will stop him from grabbing a hostess and slashing her jugular vein with a blade from a Stanley knife, or an object which got through the security check.
The acute pharyngitis is followed by a septic thrombophiebitis of the internal jugular vein and dissemination of the infection to multiple sites distant from the pharynx.
Better awareness of lesions affecting the jugular foramen allows us to expedite appropriate care of patients.