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artful trickery designed to achieve an end

the performance of a juggler

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Other world-class performers are the Irish Dance Show to take place at Mouj Ice Island; Pets Magic, a fantastic show that promises breath-taking magic tricks with animals; and Colourful Boxes Show, which will use a multicolour box to perform acrobats and jugglery.
The library loses power of "japes" and "jogelrye" (FranT 1265, 1271): the magic and jugglery disintegrate over time and distance and epiphany.
Netanyahu's visit to the White House will be a serious test for Barack Obama as much as it will be an exercise in political jugglery for Benjamin Netanyahu.
The PML-N women legislator, Shazia Aurangzeb termed the financial statement as a jugglery of words, saying it has nothing for control on the big challenges such as unemployment and price-hike in the province.
As mixologists from 31 countries, from Guatemala to Taiwan, entertained us with acts of jugglery (flair bartending) to the music of Black Eyed Peas, I dug into the California rolls with reindeer meat.
He or she has been removed either in a coup, by constitutional jugglery backed by the army or through assassination.
What follows next in this complicated world of financial jugglery, is to be carefully analysed and understood.
A contemporary account describes how, using "the jugglery of deceit and the trickery of untruth, with guileful preparations and specious obfuscations", a fida'i (assassin), disguised as a Sufi, pretended to present al-Mulk with a gift, then stabbed him to death.
While some have termed it a mere jugglery of figures, government's supporters have heaped disproportionate praise on it, which is a measure of the societal cleavages that have come to hauntus.
On the one hand, the methodological link with the Davenport brothers was rejected by spiritualists, who framed much of Indian jugglery as genuine and comparable with seance phenomena.
No sophistry, no jugglery in figures can explain away the evidence the skeletons in many villages present to the naked eye.
The stairs narrow as they approach it, becoming more artful, all part of the magical jugglery.
He called Nawaz Government's claim of an increase of only 7-9% in prices as nothing more than an act of political jugglery.
Chidamabram on Monday claimed that the slashing of plan expenditure during the current financial year by close to 80,000 crore, as part of the jugglery to keep the fiscal deficit in check, would not have much of an impact on economic growth.