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a sport adapted from jujitsu (using principles of not resisting) and similar to wrestling

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It is true that this study have limitations depending on the manual editing, which introduces operator-dependency and time consumption, and the technique may not be suitable for routine evaluation of hand bones of judoist or sedentary men.
In the literature some physiomorphological studies on judoists have been found.
In terms of the volume, surface area and length, many biometric ratio values of some phalangeal and metacarpal bones of the elite male judoists have been found statistically significant when compared with those of the sedentary men.
Bone density and bone metabolic markers in active collegiate athletes: findings in long-distance runners, judoists, and swimmers.
2004) Adverse effects of energy restriction on myogenic enzymes in judoists.
Judoists and cyclists were enrolled in this study because of the importance of body weight control for performance and the associated greater risk for eating disorders in endurance and weight-class sports (Andersen et al.
The final sample included twelve judoists, fifteen cyclists (road cycling) and seventeen controls.
All the judoists were national-level athletes, with a training history of 9.