judicial separation

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a judicial decree regulating the rights and responsibilities of a married couple living apart

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He must therefore grant petitioner a decree of judicial separation with costs.
If a woman commits adultery or deserts a husband, the man as the provider of the family can not claim against her as under our law, she is dependent on him and only dependents can make claims in judicial separation cases.
Later in the year, she told him: 'I will never be able to live with you again and I am therefore filing for a judicial separation.
4) This was a petition by a wife for divorce or, alternatively, judicial separation, and was based on alleged grounds of cruelty and adultery.
From now on, if you are going through a financial dispute pursuant to divorce, nullity or judicial separation, each party must then file a full financial statement before the court appointment takes place.
She said there had been problems in the marriage and at one point she had served him with judicial separation papers, although they did not actually separate.
Hassan filed a Statement of Claim requesting a decree of judicial separation and distribution of matrimonial property, Mrs.
In March of 1419, the archbishop of Canterbury requested assistance from the secular arm in the capture of Lady Margery of Long ford in Staffordshire, a woman of very comfortable means, excommunicated for her continued refusal to obey orders for restitution of conjugal rights, despite the fact that she allegedly had simultaneous suits in both the church court and Chancery to work out a judicial separation.
Even though he has a judicial separation and full custody of his five children, he still has to pay his wife maintenance of pounds 30 a week.
As of September 1, 1997, the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench has made it mandatory that parents who are applying for a divorce or judicial separation must attend a Parenting After Separation seminar.
The rate of people seeking judicial separation and marriage nullification has not changed since the introduction of divorce.
If you are legally married, an application for this order may be made if an application for divorce or judicial separation is begun.
Yesterday, at Smethwick, Arthur Adam Haden, silversmith, of Windmill Lane, was summoned by his wife, Clara Lousia Haden, for persistent cruelty, and she applied for a judicial separation and maintenance order.
June will see a radical change to the way in which financial and property matters ancillary to divorce and judicial separation are handled, according to Gateley Wareing.
There isn't room in my column to go into detail, but I do have a leaflet, Information On Divorce Qnd Judicial Separation, which I am sending to you in the hope that it helps.