judicial separation

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a judicial decree regulating the rights and responsibilities of a married couple living apart

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He must therefore grant petitioner a decree of judicial separation with costs.
An important point to note is that the Decree of Judicial Separation has many of the same legal implications as a Decree Absolute.
Mr Hemming claimed that, when his wife returned to their Moseley home, she served judicial separation papers on him, they slept in separate bedrooms, and agreed that each could pursue other relationships.
The prosecution say his scheme was uncovered four years later, in March 2006, when his wife went to Dewsbury County Court to apply for a decree of judicial separation.
Discovering the young conductor was encouraging her to apply for a judicial separation as a way of getting herself released, Beecham's father threw him out.
Sara Flaherty's "Out of Date in a Good Many Respects" covers new ground in legal history arguing that the Supreme Court of Newfoundland, despite reluctance to use its power, had jurisdiction over judicial separation cases through the Judicature Acts of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
In 1887 Eugenie Duchene testified that she went to the commissaire de police several times to tell him about her difficulties with her husband, and to discuss the proper means to obtain a judicial separation (separation de corps).
When he requested her to return and she didn't, his wife made an application for a judicial separation as a dependent against his wishes," said Roger.
4) This was a petition by a wife for divorce or, alternatively, judicial separation, and was based on alleged grounds of cruelty and adultery.
From now on, if you are going through a financial dispute pursuant to divorce, nullity or judicial separation, each party must then file a full financial statement before the court appointment takes place.
A judicial separation was the outcome of the majority of these breakdowns, especially where the husband's cruelty was the chief reason for legal proceedings.
Hindu women can seek judicial separation, but the law does not recognize divorce.
She said there had been problems in the marriage and at one point she had served him with judicial separation papers, although they did not actually separate.
Hassan filed a Statement of Claim requesting a decree of judicial separation and distribution of matrimonial property, Mrs.