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(law) a principle underlying the formulation of jurisprudence

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Although there is a judicial principle which holds that the termination of any contract means that the contract and all its clauses (including the LD or penalty clause) terminates, this is only applicable if the LD clause or penalty clause represents a penalty for any failure to perform the contractual mutual obligations during the execution of the contract.
The paper identifies these judicial principles as central to judicial records management: compliance, access, integrity, preservation, disposition, and governance.
Second, this group is said to be exclusive because, externally, each nation-state promotes judicial principles that are defended by a judicial group that is distinct and independent from the judicial group of other nation-states.
Had the media's coverage focused upon - or even mentioned - the legal reasoning or the fundamental judicial principles involved here, perhaps public opinion would ultimately have been moulded into a different form of response.
Sheikh Khalid bin Rashid al- Manwari, Secretary General of the Administrative Affairs Council for Judiciary said that hosting of the Sultanate to this Arab judicial gathering at its highest level comes out to support joint Arab action and the conference aims to consolidate the constructive cooperation of the supreme courts, and the work to find effective mechanisms for the exchange of ideas, insights and benefit from the different experiences in judgments and judicial principles.
What we've said consistently is that Egypt needs a different path forward…that they need to embark on a path going forward that is more open, is more transparent, adheres to certain democratic principles, judicial principles, doesn't lock people up just for expressing dissent.
This article illustrates how quickly and remarkably the common law can adjust when judicial principles change and when new judges are appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada.
Despite this fact, the US government kept its criticisms private; it only encouraged judicial principles like transparency and fairness because it did not want to provide any ammunition to politicians or press who might harm US relations with Turkey, and particularly with Erdoy-an.
My first priority for Michigan obviously concerns the Supreme Court; I hope to help promote civility on the Court and to restore conservative judicial principles rooted in our Constitution.
The Grand Chamber, in the Foreign Ministry's opinion, has just revised "the just judgement of the ECHR of July 24, 2008" and raised the question of a number of political and judicial principles that have been approved as a result of World War II.
Many critics say the US has abandoned its judicial principles in its zeal to prevent another terrorist attack on its soil following September 11, 2001.
Judge Becky Titus and husband, public defender Elliott Metcalfe, known to fight like cats and dogs over judicial principles, declared they are firmly united on animal issues and in fact, they did seem purrfectly harmonious.
The step-by-step exposition of trial methods that ended the Discours became standard parlementary and inquisitorial procedure in the region when faced with such cases, and Boguet's treatise on Burgundian law, whose publication would s hortly follow, reflected similar judicial principles and received similar praise.
27) In addition, Candace McCoy's evaluation of the inclusion of a "`Victims' Bill of Rights'" within the California Constitution(28) and the possibility that short-term political manipulation through the process of constitutional ballot initiatives and referenda, rather than a substantive tradition of social, political, and judicial principles, may be responsible for the adoption of amendments such as the "`Victims' Bill of Rights,'" which have served to restrict other due process guarantees.
Garcia Marquez depicts a political leader sensitive to the anguish of the families of the victims, yet unwilling to compromise constitutional and judicial principles in order to achieve a resolution.