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Based on the oracular theory of judicial decision making, judges simply divined established truths from a sufficient body of predominately common law.
The impact of that ruling could be far-reaching on developers, who have welcomed previous judicial decisions backing the need for an EIA and its early completion.
Remarkably, a survey in Texas indicates that not only does a majority of the public perceive that campaign contributions have an effect on judicial decision making, but so do almost half of Texas judges.
The ability to clearly and efficiently brief a judicial decision can help the accountant to:
They are at the courthouse when a judicial decision is made that they believe has significant interest or implications.
Any decision of the Supreme Court is a major news story (although many are not treated as such), and any judicial decision concerning the president is surely a major news story, as well.
Description: The Kazakhstan Judicial Program was designed to strengthen judges knowledge and application of best international practices in judicial decision writing techniques and substantive law, support the implementation of new legislation, and the development of alternative dispute resolution methods.
In Hawaii, where same-sex marriage resulted from legislation rather than judicial decision, some advocates downplayed religious liberty concerns.
He said "We have lost the former Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani in respect of the judicial decision.
But Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde said: "We will comply with any judicial decision but the public expects us to pursue it.
This article addressed the judicial decision by Federal District Court Judge John E.
It is clear from the judicial decision that there will be a range of impacts on Canada, from environmental concerns of overfishing, hunting out-of-season, depleting natural resources, to taxation exclusions, and possible economic redress.
In a 139-page opinion that reads more like an ACLU brief than a carefully analyzed judicial decision, Federal District Court Judge John E.
Structures of judicial decision making from legal formalism to critical theory, 2d ed.
In a National Review interview, Nelson Lund, a professor of law at the George Mason University School of Law, stated ``(The Emerson ruling) is the most important and favorable Second Amendment judicial decision in American history.
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