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Consequently for Ross the statement concerning validity of a given rule is a prediction to the effect that this rule will become a basis of future judicial decisions.
Based on the oracular theory of judicial decision making, judges simply divined established truths from a sufficient body of predominately common law.
82) In Justice Kennedy's view, the remedy for any judicial decision that improperly invaded the property owners' rights should be found in the Due Process Clause and not the Takings Clause.
It therefore follows that the directive must be interpreted as being 'applicable in the case of collective redundancies that result from the definitive termination of the operation of an undertaking or establishment which has been decided on by the employer of his own accord without a prior judicial decision, and the exception laid down in that directive cannot preclude its application,' the Court concludes.
ensuring the rationality of the judicial decision (not arbitrary).
The impact of that ruling could be far-reaching on developers, who have welcomed previous judicial decisions backing the need for an EIA and its early completion.
Jennifer Granholm has announced that a "legal cloud" is hovering, and benefits for some employees and families are being withheld pending a judicial decision on whether the law's language precludes them.
She was convicted and sentenced to 12 months in prison over an e-mail she sent to another magistrate, asking him to explain why she should not demote him because he had supported the appeal of a fellow magistrate against Fingleton's judicial decision to transfer her.
Oxnard has appealed each judicial decision, all of which were in Martinez's favor until his case reached the Supreme Court.
Remarkably, a survey in Texas indicates that not only does a majority of the public perceive that campaign contributions have an effect on judicial decision making, but so do almost half of Texas judges.
The ability to clearly and efficiently brief a judicial decision can help the accountant to:
Though they may enjoy learning about other kinds of cases, there is no denying that tapping into students' experiences in school adds a measure of excitement and interest to the study of judicial decision making.
Any decision of the Supreme Court is a major news story (although many are not treated as such), and any judicial decision concerning the president is surely a major news story, as well.
NNA - The Higher Judicial Council on Monday clarified that the adoption of a judicial decision of release did not mean that the related case had been settled on.
Liaqat Baloch said this was a judicial decision which should be accepted in its true spirit in order to strengthen democracy and the electoral process.
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