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We have met with Supreme Court justices and court staff to discuss planning for the 2012 session and to review legislative priorities, especially the issue of a stabilized source of funding for the judicial branch.
All in all, between last year and this, trust in the legislative branch fell 9 percentage points, trust in the executive branch fell 11 points, and in the judicial branch, 10 points.
I will be visiting approximately 15 randomly selected law firms over the next several months to discuss with groups of lawyers the nature of the unmet need and the judicial branch response to meet it, and to learn what the bar is currently doing to assist.
Some items requested by the judicial branch not funded in either proposal include:
Nothing in the New Hampshire Constitution suggests that the understanding of the judicial branch of the meaning of the Constitution takes precedence over that of the elected branches, and nothing in the Constitution suggests any departure whatsoever from the axiom of 18th century English law, both that the legislative branch of the government is the sole judge of the constitutionality of its own enactments and that any decision of any court, even on constitutional grounds, can be reversed for purposes of future cases by a simple act of ordinary legislation.
The Contractor shall provide an IME upon request by an authorized Judicial Branch Appointee.
Elements of the proposed budget for the judicial branch include:
While the legislative and executive branches typically deal with important issues in the abstract, the judicial branch stands at the "front lines" of democracy.
Florida's judicial branch has developed a strategic planning system that includes a long-range plan and a series of operational plans.
Request for qualifications: provide training programs on juvenile and adult offender issues, family matters and justice administration to judicial branch locations statewide.
We also note that during the recession and in the post-recessionary period the judicial branch has had no increase in the number of trial court judges since 2007, despite a documented need.
The first is that the president cannot act as a judge, jury and jail keeper without usurping the powers reserved to the judicial branch.
He has totally desecrated the executive branch; diminished the House of Representatives; and is in the process of doing the same to the Senate in his effort to demolish the judicial branch by bringing total disrespect for the rule of law.
Saying the judicial branch "has been an institution reluctant to change or modernize," future House Speaker Richard Corcoran advocated for 12-year term limits for state judges.
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