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The judicial branch portion of the governor's budget provides for $482 million--$369 million in general revenue and $113 million in trust funds.
This loss of key managers and other high performers, who had developed broad knowledge bases of critical judicial branch operations, has brought significant organizational challenges in already difficult times," according to the State Court System's budget request, filed with the legislature and Gov.
Aleman faulted not only the judicial branch but also the administration of former Michoacan Gov.
Ignoring history, the Legislature now seeks to replace judicial branch authority with legislative supremacy.
However, Qortbawi voiced hope that the judicial branch would see progress weeks after the government voted for a raise in judges' salaries.
But there is no justification for the governor's decision to force the judicial branch to absorb more than 12 percent of his FY2010 spending cuts when the judicial branch consumes less than 3 percent of total state spending.
Shavlik Technologies, LLC, a market leader in simplifying and automating critical-to-perform IT operations, has announced a system-wide deployment of Shavlik NetChkR Protect for the State of Connecticut's Judicial Branch information system.
An Inter-American Development Bank loan is for a Program to Strengthen the Judicial Branch and Improve Access to Justice (PO 1074/SF-NI).
That may be why the Bush Administration and its allies immediately began to saw away at the judicial branch.
It was Thomas Jefferson who warned about the potential despotism of the judicial branch, not of either of the other two.
The judicial branch is granted the least amount of power.
I won't change my words because of someone in the judicial branch who tells me I must.
The Supreme Court is the highest court in the judicial branch.
The Supreme Court sided with the government, ruling that, in a time of "vigorous preparation for national defense," the judicial branch "should not jeopardize the security which the [secrets] privilege is meant to protect by insisting upon an examination of the evidence.
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