judicial admission

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(law) an agreement or concession made by parties in a judicial proceeding (or by their attorneys) relating to the business before the court

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It's a judicial admission that they don't have a case against Revilla," he said.
affidavit and to distance himself from the judicial admissions contained therein.
Younger children in the sample were somewhat more likely to be judicial admissions than were their older counterparts.
Clearly, therefore, from the doctrinal findings of facts of the Supreme Court and the judicial admissions of (Abad), he transferred funds duly appropriated to one government agency to another without legislative authority, Alentajan said.
Such rule will prevent witnesses to repeat in court during the trial their extrajudicial confessions and result in the loss of opportunity to transpose such confessions into judicial admissions to render them admissible in evidence," De Lima said in her resolution.