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the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government

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Coun Cook, 51, maintained he meant no personal or racial insult but he was reported to the local government ombudsman, which referred the matter to the judicatory panel.
Mr Cook, 51, yesterday told a judicatory panel the fact council leader Rodney Berman, who is Jewish, may interpret his comments differently, "went right over my head".
Al-Sabban obtained his first job in 1937 as a scrivener at the Judicatory of Shibam, a city in northern Hadramout, where he later established Al-Minbar (The Pulpit) magazine.
A second project relates judicatory leaders and staff who work with the authorization of ministries of word and sacrament, as well as to the procedures whereby congregations secure trained leadership.
The signatories consist of pastors, priests, deacons, rabbis, and other religious leaders from the coalfields and across the nation, including 62 judicatory heads and 5 heads of national faith denominations.
My own judicatory just had its first required boundaries workshop for all clergy just two years ago
For civil courts to analyze whether the ecclesiastical actions of a church judicatory are in that sense "arbitrary" must inherently entail inquiry into the procedures that canon or ecclesiastical law supposedly requires the church judicatory to follow, or else in to the substantive criteria by which they are supposedly to decide the ecclesiastical question.
Because Islam lacks a central judicatory, he stated that any U.
36, 54 (1992) (requiring prosecutor to present exculpatory evidence as well as inculpatory evidence would alter the grand jury's historical role, transforming it from an accusatory body that sits to assess whether there is adequate basis for bringing a criminal charge into an ad hoc judicatory body that sits to determine guilt or innocence).
I have, as a district middle judicatory executive, been charged with the well-being of 70 congregations, intervened in church conflicts, counseled seminarians and clergy, quadrupled budgets and offered blessings.
It is no wonder, therefore, that the criticism of the previous generation was judicatory and sententious.
In many places," Lummis said, "if they divorce, they're not only out of a congregation, they're out of the entire judicatory (diocese, conference, presbytery or synod).
The American Presbyterian Church was centrally organized with a national judicatory (i.
The acculturation process was continued through judicatory placement "drafts," a vetting of" candidates by synod staff people and finally congregational interviews.
Coun Cook, 51, maintained he meant no personal or racial insult but he was reported to the local government ombudsman, which referred the matter to a judicatory panel which is expected to sit for three days at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff.