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the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government

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Congregations and judicatories will encourage both creativity and constant care to make our unity a reality by such means as:
One calls for informal consultations between the leadership of the member judicatories of the NMCC.
Document the reasons for restriction of offenders' participation in religious activities or programs, or for limitations of religious practices deemed essential by the respective religious judicatories or national offices of that religious group.
While it was clear that covenanting councils would only have the authority granted to them by member churches, it was not at all clear how authority was to be understood with regard to different issues in different judicatories in different regions and localities.
In conclusion, on November 24, 1998, the bishop and other judicatories of the territorial ("Land") church issued the statement translated below.
The ecumenical experiment did not crumble simply because of the timing of organization from Europe but because it seemed that Zinzendorf intended to subject all the other judicatories under his personal control.
Religious leaders have been guilty for their failure to resist wickedness, a guilt during the German Third Reich for which the Vatican and several Protestant judicatories have recently expressed remorse.
Moreover, its issue-oriented work tended to involve activists who were usually persons not representing their particular judicatories, while the latter, in turn, did not have much sense of ownership in the recommendations or activities of the M.
But in addition, local congregations, annual conferences and judicatories, and educational institutions have embraced the concept of the "mission trip" as a personally uplifting educational and/or spiritual experience.
Allow the observance of periodic special or ritual activities requested by offenders and deemed essential by the respective religious judicatories or national offices of that religious group;
Many of these judicatories earnestly believe that one of their key tasks is to maintain not the unity of Christ's body but the unity of their own denomination.
This book is helpful for working pastors, counselors, and judicatories because it is sensitive to "hands-on" ministry.
33) In 1872, the Court refused to settle a dispute over control of a church building that the "General Assembly," the national governing body of that denomination, had already decided: "[W]henever the questions of discipline, or of faith, or ecclesiastical rule, custom, or law have been decided by the highest of [the] church judicatories to which the matter has been carried, the legal tribunals must accept such decisions as final, and as binding on them.
It was during this time that denominational judicatories began to invest in camp property and to train camp leaders.
The book presents a detailed, and at times hourly, account of the debates within the Presbyterian Church over the terms of the union and examines both the highest judicatories of the church and the popular religious response in the presbyteries and shires.