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in a joyous manner

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Then Erica came out of her house and jubilantly punched the air for the photographers, signalling that she had "won".
Author Joyce Grant's love of reading and lifelong support of children's literacy shines through jubilantly playful story, brought to life with uniquely energetic illustrations.
My pal and devoted Bluenose, Mr Carrott, rang me as he jubilantly left Wembley and, of course, I accepted the charge.
Yesterday's Appeal Court decision was greeted jubilantly by wildlife supporters and with utter dismay by farmers.
He climbed out and jubilantly hugged his wife, President Pinera and rescuers - then handed them pieces of rock from his underground home.
Irene Nene jubilantly shouted God is Good in the dock at Durham Crown Court after Recorder Peter Johnson ruled that the evidence which convicted her at a magistrates court in May was unreliable.
Hanagan jubilantly punched the air and was is celebratory mood in a season that continues to see him reach new heights.
The route saw the runners leave War Memorial Park before heading through parts of Earlsdon and Cheylesmore before jubilantly returning to a heroes' welcome at the park.
Once he got the call from England coach Steve McLaren yesterday, he jubilantly told pals: "I'm as happy as the first time I got called up.
The 31-year-old jubilantly celebrated his seventh goal of the season for Hereford by removing his shirt and was promptly yellow-carded.
Militant cleric, Abu Bakar Bashir, 68, was released from jail in Indonesia today and 150 of his supporters jubilantly greeted him with shouts of: "God is great.
A Roary the Racing Car bonus episode "Roary's First Day" rounds out this warm-hearted and jubilantly playful children's program.
The court erupted into shouts of "yes" as family members jubilantly greeted the outcome today.
TWO hours after jubilantly believing he had won his fifth race this year at the Belgian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton saw his victory overturned and replaced with a third-place finish.
WE SHOULDN'T pat ourselves on the back too heartily for Merseyside's recycling hitting a "new high" as your newspaper jubilantly headlined an article, on saying in 2007-8 we recycled 7% more than the year before.