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in a joyous manner

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Charmingly illustrated by the Teens Can Dream team, "Inspirational Nursery Rhymes: Giving Thanks" by Todd and Jackie Courtney, is a toddler board book set of inspirational verse sayings, meditations, or prayers, with jubilantly colorful illustrations of friendly every-animals, like a little boy mouse, at home in a beautiful natural home environment.
Okaz newspaper pointed out that despite all international indicators and economic fluctuations that beset the largest economies of the world, and the effects of lower oil prices on the gross domestic products of oil producing countries, we find Saudi citizens awaiting budget figures jubilantly and expecting a large number of development projects at all levels in health, education, housing and transport sectors, noting that this optimistic spirit does not come from a vacuum, but rather from citizens' confidence in their leadership and its keenness on their security and prosperity.
Meanwhile, like other parts of the country, Independence Day was solemnly and jubilantly observed in District Charsadda.
Following the unveiling of the shortlist for the 2015 Facilities Management Middle East Awards, anticipation has been jubilantly high across the GCC's FM industry.
Pravda, the state newspaper, reported jubilantly that the remnants of nine German and Rumanian divisions, 100,000- strong, "are being harried through the streets of Sebastopol and in the open country around those other ancient battlefields, Inkerman and Balaclava.
Many politicians, including ruling Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi, jubilantly celebrated Holi covered in fluorescent hues with party workers, family and friends.
Celebrations were everywhere as Dubai's win was jubilantly revealed.
Family and friends will never forget that in our own lifetime we have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of supporting my husband as he jubilantly carried the torch through Billingham that Sunday in June.
I jubilantly went back to the used car showroom to ask for one, but to my shock and disbelief they said they would only print out a quotation for the car if I paid them a non-refundable cash deposit of BD500.
The goal briefly transformed the atmosphere as City fans celebrated jubilantly into half-time, but the nerves were evident again in the second period.
It is like Eid as we all are jubilantly turning up in a great number and greeting each other," said Ahmad Shah, the current president of the council, seeking re-election.
Mr Clegg made plain his frustration at the influence on Mr Cameron of eurosceptic Tory MPs, who have been jubilantly praising the Prime Minister's "bulldog spirit" in vetoing a new EU treaty at the summit.
Perhaps it was the high-five exchanges of lawyers and relatives jubilantly celebrating success after Foxy Knoxy's conviction for the murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher was overturned.
More than 90,000 spectators attended the third npower Test match between England and India two weeks ago and watched, most of them jubilantly, as the stadium played host to a historic occasion as England cruised to a huge victory to rise to number one in the world rankings for the first time.
The majority of the record crowd of 4,478 danced jubilantly on the pitch.