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Synonyms for jubilance

the act or condition of feeling an uplifting joy over a success or victory

Synonyms for jubilance

a feeling of extreme joy

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Jubilance receives 2lb from Leqqaa and shapes as if he will improve for the step up to a mile from 7f, but any narrow advantage on the collateral form should be offset by a better break from the selection and, more importantly, the uncontested lead.
Nicole recounts her jubilance when her cooperating teacher set aside a teacher's edition of the school agenda:
These sonnets challenge the facile idealization of women, and the jubilance of the cycle's other poems is tempered by the analytical dismissals of sonnets IX, X, and XI.
The jubilance that had turned the square into a giant camp ground just a day before was gone; people now feared being overrun and killed by the surrounding pro-government mob, many of them reportedly hired thugs.
By the time George and the band were back for their encore of two gospel songs Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen and This Little Light of Mine, the audience were basking in a cleansing jubilance as much as the man himself.
In depicting gay male sexuality with such jubilance, Tom "encouraged and participated in the creation of a distinctive and separate gay male culture.
I can't explain the elation and jubilance I felt after receiving my final scores on Part Four.
She persevered through their exaltation, nevertheless, and drummed up reserves of energy for her own bits of jubilance.
The performers brought a mixture of jubilance, nervous excitement, pain, frustration, and tremendous hope to the crowd.
The bomb itself did not solve any of these issues, but Truman's temporary jubilance at its success was "because of the satisfaction that everything had gone as he had planned.
In an age where the ubiquity of information storage sparks in fledgling writers the solipsistic image of their own massive archives, O'Hara's notorious organizational nonchalance--indeed, even in keeping copies of his own poems--might seem odd; however, one need only open this book anywhere at random for evidence of life so full, so teetering on the brink of explosive jubilance, to make moot any concern for self-mythologizing beyond that already embedding within the poems.
1) From there, emotions can run from jubilance to misery or anger.
59) Similarly, when the Greek army first captured Salonika during the Balkan Wars, the local Greek residents hung banners with the Greek colors--white and blue--to express their jubilance.
Readers share in Morgay's jubilance when he and Hillary reach the top of the mountain and learn how he honors all who had come before him.