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a son who has the same first name as his father


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We also aim to disseminate lessons learned and success stories to the stakeholders within the JRS WQMA and the national agencies through workshops, seminars, and conferences, he said.
After his failed 1992 presidential bid, JRS turned his back on electoral politics and organized citizen's organizations for which the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation would later say he continued his principled intervention in the affairs of the nation.
Additionally under Sorrenti's leadership in 2007, JRS created a wholly owned subsidiary that specializes in Historic Preservation.
JRS Securities is a newly established firm that provides institutions with research and brokerage services, focused on the Swedish equities markets.
Martin Johnson, partner at Python Properties, said: "We are delighted to welcome DDL, Bid Management UK, JRS Consultants and Power Tech to Cargo Fleet Offices.
Considering these factors, we thought that it might be worthwhile to explore whether the administration of both Se-enriched JRS and R.
JRS Management, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, protests the terms of solicitation No.
Bethpage Federal Credit Union Vice President Anthony Edelman gave the scouts a tour of the building-interior framing had begun-and was later joined by representatives from JRS Architect P.
Line-side testing of fastener assembly tools is important for safety and quality and CRANE ELECTRONICS' latest generation of JRS Opta (Joint Rate Simulator) computer controlled test benches can provide the solution for many industries.
The officers include: Warner Bauer, Kickham Boiler & Engineering, as president; Greg Linton, JRS Custom Fabrication, as president-elect; Ron Hartzel, Eaton Electrical, as vice president; John Kelly Jr.
Other Saskatchewan award winners included Andrea Menard, who won for best television program or special in recognition of her work on The Velvet Devil, and White Fish Jrs.
Today, Steve recounts, JRS is not only one of the largest cattle auction houses in the nation, it also uses environmentally sensitive production equipment to manufacture unique products milled from wood recovered from the demolition of the company's old holding pens near Springfield, Mo.
In Technical Advice Memorandum (TAM) 200603027, the JRS concluded the scope of a LIFO election is "linked" to a taxpayer's LIFO pooling method; thus, the taxpayer's LIFO election must extend to all items that fall within the LIFO pools.