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Herrick's characteristic quality, so far as it can be described, is a blend of Elizabethan joyousness with classical perfection of finish.
Then flew the doves to and fro, and perched on his shoulder, and caressed his white hair, and did not tire of their tenderness and joyousness.
This joyousness and dispersion of thought before a task of some importance seems to prove that this world of ours is not such a very serious affair after all.
There was such peace and beauty in the scene; so much of brightness and mirth in the sunny landscape; such blithesome music in the songs of the summer birds; such freedom in the rapid flight of the rook, careering overhead; so much of life and joyousness in all; that, when the boy raised his aching eyes, and looked about, the thought instinctively occurred to him, that this was not a time for death; that Rose could surely never die when humbler things were all so glad and gay; that graves were for cold and cheerless winter: not for sunlight and fragrance.
That aside, this was a collaboration which really contrasted the joyousness of the outer movements with the immense sadness of the central one, and Vogt obviously relished the operatic punchiness with which Gardner shaped his orchestra.
The afterword rounds out the book by introducing animacy to ecocriticism, juxtaposing the insidious pollution of the BP oil spill with the oceanic joyousness of the Studio Ghibli film Ponyo.
Old school bistro: Bistrot Bellet (84 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 10e, 01 45 23 42 06) is an old time bistro with an air of joyousness.
It is impossible to believe their public statements of explanation that they did not want the controversy around their presence to distract from the joyousness of the students' graduation experience.
That she paints her way through the pictorial carnage with a virtuosity few others could hope to match certainly lends a sense of almost disconcerting jubilation to the proceedings, and it's this weird joyousness amid annihilation that keeps the admittedly unsubtle irony in play in a title such as Retire in Fla.
I have always tried to hide my own efforts and wished my works to have the lightness and joyousness of a springtime which never lets anyone suspect the labours it has cost.
Obviously there are the over-arching themes such as goodwill to all, joyousness, traffic and crazy queues at the shops, but then there are the particular things that each of us treasure.
It is this capacity to achieve playful contrast that promises a gaze into the freedom of joyousness.
15) Mindfulness, investigation of the Dharma, vigor, joyousness, serenity, concentration, and equanimity.
But overall, Sense and Sensibility clearly does not have the effervescent joyousness of Pride and Prejudice, even in its closure.
Still, it wasn't enough to dampen the sheer joyousness of the party going on in the arena where you could feel the floor reverberating to 10,000 pairs of dancing feet.