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Synonyms for joyless

Synonyms for joyless

Antonyms for joyless

not experiencing or inspiring joy

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JOYLESS vandals have tried to spoil the Christmas spirit in Bedworth by causing more than PS1,000 worth of damage to the town's festive lights.
If married life is as boring and joyless as this document, I am glad I am celibate.
Devoid of color and mirth alike, Pawel Pawlikowski's severe "Ida" is just the sort of joyless art film one might expect Polish nuns living under the clutches of 1960s communism to appreciate.
But their wedding is a joyless non-event: there's no-one to give Louisa away, the poor girl doesn't even have any bridesmaids.
While Letoy's play responds specifically to Peregrine's particular form of madness, its larger function is to regulate the sexual behaviour of Peregrine's entire family--his virgin wife Martha, his jealous old father Joyless, and his young stepmother Diana who, infuriated by her husband's unjust suspicions, deliberately provokes them.
Olin has created a mostly joyless fiction that, on a sub-conscious level, explores and subverts the archetypal tale of innocent children abandoned and lost in the woods.
He does not attempt to 'modernise' the text and rightly argues that 'what makes him [Ovid] so modern turns out to be his attention to that ancient world of his' Mr Payne does accept that 'the opportunity to translate Ovid is an invitation to a game' and it is a game that is to be enjoyed by all except the more joyless feminists.
Concerned at the Deesiders' joyless New Year, manager Steve O'Shaugnessy was relieved to come away with three elusive points as a result of Neath's recent central defender signing Steve Evans turning the ball wide of his keeper Wyn Walters on 22 minutes.
It's all a bit flat at the Crucible in comparison, but how much longer can snooker go on living in this joyless vacuum?
What Ashton should focus on is why a coach with a deserved reputation for encouraging expansive rugby should be presiding over such a joyless style that isn't winning matches.
No place where I can't enter the joyless rapture of almost
Still, this is not just a book full of happy talk and innovative ideas; Esquith shoots arrows at administrators "out of Orwell's Ministry of Truth" who force "literacy coaches" and joyless scripted reading on him and his colleagues.
Oh sure, joyless Sith lords might complain about such a campy way to celebrate Star Wars on its 30th anniversary.
A Christian message, but when you place it alongside the consumer carnival and the raunch and razzmatazz of pop culture, it sounds joyless.
Twenty-first century Japan, it seems, is no longer interested in being an "Asian tiger," if that means bank failures and a joyless, exhausting life for the bourgeoisie.