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Synonyms for joy

Synonyms for joy

a feeling of extreme gratification aroused by something good or desired

a condition of supreme well-being and good spirits

to feel or take joy or pleasure

to give great or keen pleasure to

Synonyms for joy

something or someone that provides a source of happiness

make glad or happy


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References in classic literature ?
There is one's work also: what a joy it is to one, if one happens to like work.
A field of poppies, a glen of ferns, a row of poplars on a country lane, the tawny brown of a hillside, the shaft of sunlight on a distant peak--all such were provocative of quick joys which seemed to him like so many outbursts of song.
This masterpiece of her art and her joy was a votive offering to their wedded felicity.
A tear rolled from the eyes of the young Corsican; never did he so well understand the joys that his Ginevra was sacrificing to him.
They had tested each other in what seemed only a short time; and, instinctively, they recognized that their souls were of a kind whose inexhaustible riches promised for the future unceasing joys.
The days flowed rapidly by, filled with occupation and the joys of their love.
A meeting, which he anticipated with such joy, so strangely turned to bitterness.
I felt also sentiments of joy and affection revive in my bosom; my gloom disappeared, and in a short time I became as cheerful as before I was attacked by the fatal passion.
The King's stern face grew milder as he gazed on the gentle Fairy, and the flowers seemed to look beseechingly upon him; while their fragrant voices sounded softly in his ear, telling of their dying sisters, and of the joy it gives to bring happiness to the weak and sorrowing.
Long stayed the messenger, and deeper grew his wonder that the Fairy could have left so fair a home, to toil in the dreary palace of his cruel master, and suffer cold and weariness, to give life and joy to the weak and sorrowing.
But if you can find no pleasure here, go back to your own cold home, and dwell in solitude and darkness, where no ray of sunlight or of joy can enter.
Brighter grew the golden light, gayer sang the birds, and the harmonious voices of grateful flowers, sounding over the earth, carried new joy to all their gentle kindred.
Violet conquered, and his cold heart Warmed with music, love, and light; And his fair home, once so dreary, Gay with lovely Elves and flowers, Brought a joy that never faded Through the long bright summer hours.
The second part of the special shows Joy going into active labor.
The joy of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to a 4-count charge, bordering on public nuisance, escape from lawful custody, assault to deter public servant while performing his lawful duty.