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Synonyms for joy

Synonyms for joy

a feeling of extreme gratification aroused by something good or desired

a condition of supreme well-being and good spirits

to feel or take joy or pleasure

to give great or keen pleasure to

Synonyms for joy

something or someone that provides a source of happiness

make glad or happy


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References in classic literature ?
When Joy and Duty clash, 'T is Joy must go to smash.
And there they lived for a hundred years, a hundred years of joy and happiness.
Her mistress was mad with love, intoxicated with joy.
The truth is," replied Dantes, "that I am too happy for noisy mirth; if that is what you meant by your observation, my worthy friend, you are right; joy takes a strange effect at times, it seems to oppress us almost the same as sorrow.
O King of blight and sorrow, send me not away till I have brought back the light and joy that will make your dark home bright and beautiful again.
No mysteries, no cloak to hide one's self in, no cunning policy here; people laugh outright, they weep for joy here.
It was with the utmost joy and the most profound gratitude to heaven, that Mr.
Joy never bursts forth freely except among those who are equals.
Cornelius then awoke, trembling with joy, and muttering, --
The sight of her at her work was to him an undiminishing joy.
No sooner said than done; but all his joy was turned to grief when he found that his neighbour had two rooms full of the precious metal.
At first it asks only for stories, then it asks for history for its own sake, and for poetry for its own sake; history, I mean, for the knowledge it gives us of the past; poetry for joy in the beautiful words, and not merely for the stories they tell.
But at dawn, when the rising sun rent apart the mists hanging over the sandbar, and made rainbows of them, joy came to the little house.
Good and evil, and joy and woe, and I and thou--coloured vapours did they seem to me before creative eyes.
Those joys were so small that they passed unnoticed, like gold in sand, and at bad moments she could see nothing but the pain, nothing but sand; but there were good moments too when she saw nothing but the joy, nothing but gold.