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having sagging folds of flesh beneath the chin or lower jaw

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CRISIS POINT: Jowly Michael Douglas comes of age in the touching Wonder Boys; MISTRESS: Uma Thurman in Merchant-Ivory's latest period drama, The Golden Bowl
His physique has certainly seen better days and his face grown a little jowly.
Several years later she said she had her "wobbly jowly bits removed".
A cosy three-way chat between sharp-suited Richard, the increasingly jowly Judy and family doc Chris Steele is usually all you get.
With Madonna's famous scraped-back hairstyle, I looked hideous - drained and jowly.
I had my facelift nine years ago and a couple of years ago had my jowly bits removed, but I'd never mess with my eyes or mouth.
During a training session with First Division Greenock Morton yesterday, he was spotted looking jowly, his skin ruddy and his physique heavier than it has been for a long time.
I was all jowly and old with my hair scraped back - not that I'd leave the house like that.
GORDON Brown's latest plan looks like it's been devised by Churchill - not the great statesman but the jowly dog in the insurance ad.
The jowly general presumably dreamed up this stunt over an pounds 850 lunch with his French counterpart, though the cheese-eating surrender monkeys aren't actually fighting alongside our troops.
My eyes have more rings than Saturn, I have the waistline of a spacehopper, the hairline of a Bhuddist monk and my once-chiselled chin has the jowly definition of a lardy bulldog It gets worse.
Once oiled up with vitamin creams, there was quite a lot of slapping under my double chin, as well as pressure applied to jowly bits and wrinkles for lymph drainage.
It's still about kids,'' said the gray-haired, jowly educator, who is retiring after 41 years with the Los Angeles Unified School District.
For actor Toby Jones, the physical transformation into the jowly director took four hours in make-up each day.
The bank is also considering selling off the family silver which includes jowly insurer Churchill and Direct Line.