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having sagging folds of flesh beneath the chin or lower jaw

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Jumping Jack has become Jowly Jack and it's far too late to change now.
A little further on, we encounter a group of elephants - one casually stuffing a clump of grass into her jowly mouth, another strolling from the bush with the cutest baby gambolling in tow.
It's a toss-up between Robert Lindsay's portrayal of Aristotle Onassis and Ashton-Griffiths' jowly take on Hitchcock who leaves the deepest teeth marks.
Tracing the 'pedigree' of the expression 'hang-dog look', Shannon dispels jowly images: the term 'contemplates a condemned dog, not a dewlapped one' (p.
They rejected several ideas, including a mutt in a Keystone Cop hat (think Snoopy) and a jowly bulldog (think J.
The 50-something official, Lei Zhengfu, was fired from his position as district party secretary after the video, an apparent extortion attempt, went viral earlier this month and his jowly, pop-eyed mug became the butt of numerous Internet caricatures.
He looks prudish, has a jowly face and thinning hair (he was fifty-five at the time), speaks dully without verve.
with jowly snap, and so tomorrow I'll shovel befeathered shit
The 76-year-old Home Depot cofounder looks how you'd imagine a self-proclaimed fat at might tall, broad-shouldered, and jowly, with a crown of white hair and a penchant for crisp collars.
Lathers, self-described as jowly and wide-hipped, wonders about the implications of this encounter.
Official media in the North have built Kim Jong-un, a jowly and rotund man in his late 20s, into a leader worthy of inheriting the crown, naming him "respected general", "great successor", "outstanding leader" and "supreme commander".
Part 2: Play It Again, Sam and The Purple Rose of Cairo: "Being funny might just be the great aphrodisiac (take that, jowly, shambling war criminal, Henry Kissinger
Jowly Leonid Brezhnev accurately thought he could do business with the then jut-jawed Libyan Colonel.
The jowly, stocky lawmaker compared himself to a "dojo" loach fish -- an eel-like inhabitant of the deep.
It takes more than three hours to turn me into Queen Victoria, with a prosthetic jowly neck and lots of latex to make me look older.